The Best Online Communities for Adult Gamers

The Best Online Communities for Adult Gamers

You're going to hate me for reminding you: we are getting old! Nowhere can this feel more obvious than in the gaming world. Here are some cool resources for adult gamers to connect with other fogies.

You’re not going to like this, but it’s undeniable: we are getting old!  Wanna know how old?  I just bought an Xbox - my first video game console since owning the Nintendo 64 back in the ‘90s.  How’s that for nostalgia?  Time sure does fly.  I’m a bit out of touch with the gaming world.  Credit scores, insurance premiums, and saving for retirement are more within my field of vision.  I’d like to get back into it, but the whole gaming industry seems hopelessly (but excitingly) complex.  Where do adult gamers start? Gamers over 25 tend to have jobs and families to take care of.  Responsibilities.  You know, a life.  It’s hard to find time to game.  We're too busy adulting to game, and I mean, really game.  Here are a few helpful tips for people of, ahem, a certain age to connect and engage with the rest of the gaming community.

Join an Online Community

Do older gamers have a social life?  This question occurred to me the other day after a long day at work.  I came home, took my dog for a walk, cooked dinner for myself, did some light cleaning, and then sat down to play a little something.  Where do friends fit into all of this?  Do adult gamers even have friends?  Then, I thought, Of course older gamers have friends – they’re other gamers.  Duh. Xbox is cool.  The Community feature allows you to connect with tons of other people based on mutual interests.  PlayStation has its own Communities section where users can connect.  Finding gaming enthusiasts within your age bracket is a cinch with this tool.  Beyond that, there are some good online communities specifically for older folks.  Here are a few of my favorite:

Grim Reaper Gamers

This online community is comprised of some not-so-very-mature gamers over age 25.  I mean that affectionately.  These people are fun, and they love to “drink and rip on each other,” as they put it.  Their focus is on first person shooter games, but there are members playing all sorts of games.  The community is very active.  Members are on nightly, and they have official community nights on Wednesdays.  Of all the online communities, this one is my favorite.  Their website looks cool and it’s easy to navigate.  They have sections for gaming news, an events page, publicly viewable forums, and a chat room.  Users must register to join in on conversations.  By the way, the site is ad-free so they welcome donations.

The Over 30 Clan

Started in 2010, this online community caters to people over 30-years-old.  At the beginning of 2017, they had over 900 members.  You must register to join and then fill out an application, which is a good thing.  Serious gamers only!  The people on here are fathers, mothers, singles, working professionals; you name it.   They come from all walks of life, but they share one trait in common: they sneer at gamers who don’t play the f'@$%ing objective!  They're serious about gaming.  Mostly they play Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield.  Joining is free.


This gaming site is dedicated to helping people over the age of 25 find each other.  A lot of the action happens in the topic forums, where people can strike up conversations, ask questions, or find groups.  Top games include Destiny, Halo 5, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty.  There are also forums for PlayStation and PC gaming.  Membership is free, but you must create a user account.  The site also has a cool blog featuring articles by users on various gaming topics.  Cool stuff.


Reddit can be a good place to meet like-minded folks who share your passion for chilling out with a game after a hard day at work.  There are a few subreddits (communities) dedicated to adult gamers.  OlderGamers is a good one for gamers over 30.  OldLadyGamers is a good one for what one user cheerfully terms “less young” lady gamers.  I dig it.  GameCult is a big one with 802 members.  So is AdultGamers at 640 members.

Other resources

These sites, while not specifically for adult gamers, are top resources for connecting with other gamers, finding out the latest gaming news, and reading reviews.


It’s the leading resource for gaming news, reviews, trailers, walkthroughs, and other fun stuff spanning multiple platforms.  Check out the forums to connect with other gamers.


Another biggie.  Get news, reviews, trailers, guides, walkthroughs, and cheats.  Check out the boards to connect with other users.

Giant Bomb

It’s the largest video game database online, featuring reviews, news, and videos of game play across all platforms.  Connect with other users in the forums section.

Final Words

There you have it - some quick and easy resources to connect with fellow gamers who also happen to do some adulting on the side.  You shouldn’t find any of the juvenile shenanigans and name-calling that goes on among the young ragamuffins these days.  Embrace your inner old man or lady.  The way I see it, we really don't have a choice.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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