When (and Why) to Change to a Different Internet Service Provider

When (and Why) to Change to a Different Internet Service Provider

We all need Internet. Sometimes,it's worth researching the best service options available and switching providers.  If you're already with an Internet service provider (ISP),it may be worth switching for a better deal.  Find the service that meets your needs.

High-speed Internet has changed our world.  Once upon a time, it was considered a luxury to have home access to the Internet.  Now it is essential.  You need Internet for work and you need it for play.  Gaming, socializing, shopping, entertaining yourself, dating.  All require Internet access.  Given how prevalent the Internet is in our daily lives, it is worth researching the best service options available.  If you're already with an Internet service provider (ISP), it may be worth switching for a better deal.  Find the service that meets your needs.  Here are some of the top reasons to switch ISPs.

You are moving residences

Changing residences can be a challenge – packing and unpacking is enough to make you want to just crawl in a dark place and nap!  But, moving is the perfect opportunity to shop around for a different ISP.  Think of it as a chance for a fresh start.  New home.  New Internet.  Exciting! The first thing you’ll want to do is research what providers are available in your area.  Shameless plug: you can do this on Konecteaze.com.  The site makes it easy to find the top providers in your area offering convenient à la carte and bundle packages for Internet, cable, and telephone service.

You have three separate services in your home – Internet, phone, and cable

That brings me to my next point: bundling.  If you find yourself paying three separate bills for your Internet, cable, and phone services, it may be time to investigate switching to a bundle deal.  Depending on where you live and the providers available in your area, customers can save upwards of $50 a month by bundling their services. Let’s do some quick math.  Here in San Antonio, Texas, you’ll pay $25-30 for phone service.  Cable can be anywhere from $50-80 per month.  Internet is $45 per month.  That’s on the lower end of the cost spectrum (no pun intended – get it? Spectrum? I digress).  You are paying about $155 per month for all three services separately.  A good bundle rate for all three services is about $100 per month.  What a difference!

You want better speeds

The average U.S. fixed broadband download speed is 64.17 Mbps.  Upload is 22.79 Mbps.  Again, depending on your location, there may be opportunity to find faster Internet.  If you find yourself perpetually frustrated by your slow connection or spotty service, maybe it’s high time to look for a different ISP.  Comcast takes the cake when it comes to speed!  Below are the major ISPs ranked by speed. [supsystic-price-table id=11]

You want a lower bill

Cost is a complicated issue.  You know the old saying, you get what you pay for.  That’s true of Internet in many instances.  There are several factors that affect the cost of your Internet bill.  Bandwidth is perhaps the most obvious factor.  Data caps also affect price.  Also, look the length of your contract makes a difference. It’s possible to lower your Internet bill by switching providers but be sure of what you are getting for your money.  Pay attention to speed and data caps.  Below is a simple table to give you general pricing ranges for each of the top ISPs.  Be sure to look at individual plans to determine actual rates. [supsystic-price-table id=12]

You’re sick of crappy customer service

You get on the phone to call up customer service about your shoddy connection and spend an eternity listening to the same hold music loop.  Then, your dispassionate and unhelpful account representative is no help.  We’ve all been there.  Bad customer service is a good reason to switch ISPs.  Why should your hard-earned money go to a company that doesn’t value you enough as a customer to give you decent customer service? The best thing to do in this scenario is look at customer ratings and reviews.  See what people are saying about different ISPs.  We’ve compared the average customer service ratings of the major ISPs to help you choose one that’s best for you.  Remember, though, that these ratings are based on online reviews, which by their very nature, tend to be slanted in a particular way.  Friendly recommendation: go to Reviews.org and read what people are saying about each provider.  Take all reviews with a grain of salt. [supsystic-price-table id=13]

Some parting words…

We all need Internet.  Ultimately, we’re all looking for the same thing: service that meets our needs at a reasonable price with a company that cares.  If you’re unhappy with your current service for any reason, try looking around.  Do your research.  Hopefully, this article makes it a little easier to know what to look for in a quality provider. Find Internet service providers near you!