New technology reinvents the home WiFi experience

New technology reinvents the home WiFi experience

Whole-Home WiFi is poised to reinvent the way people get connected at home. The new technology brings a strong signal to every nook and cranny of your home.

A new technology is poised to reinvent the home WiFi experience for residential Internet customers.  As a challenger provider – a company that seeks to outperform established provider brands in service quality, the value provided to the customer, and technological developments – WOW! spearheads some of the most exciting transformations of the service provider industry.  While the monolithic giants of the industry rest on their incumbency within a given market, companies like WOW! seek to earn your business by offering things that the others just can’t offer.  Nowhere is this pioneering spirit more obvious than with the recent launch of the WOW! Whole-Home Wi-Fi. Whole-Home Wi-Fi is positioned to replace traditional WiFi by bringing a strong, reliable Internet signal to every part of your home.  Traditional WiFi is notorious for its limited range.  Consider this scenario.  You’re at home hosting a backyard barbecue.  Everyone is eating, mingling, and having an all-around great time.  The only thing that could make the party more enjoyable is some good music to amplify the ambiance.  You rush inside to grab your iPad and speakers and are deflated to discover upon returning that your home WiFi signal is so weak as to be unusable.  So much for festivity!

What is it?

By setting up a WiFi base and then situating palm-sized beacons around the house you enable the WiFi signal to be distributed to every nook and cranny of the house, including upstairs, downstairs, basement, and even outside.  Managing the network is easy through the downloadable app.  The technology, which is powered by eero, allows you to see what is happening within your network, create a separate network for guests, and pause access – all from your phone screen!  Users simply select the Internet speed they need – either 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, or 1 Gbps – and pay an additional $9.99 per month to have fast, reliable Internet access throughout their entire home. WiFi

What are the benefits?

By blanketing your home with WiFi, you enable access to high-speed Internet in every room of the house and even outside.  That means no more dead spots.  It also means less buffering and frustrating wait times due to poor signal.  Having multiple access points ensures a consistently strong signal.  This is especially useful for families and households with multiple devices.  It is also beneficial when it comes to streaming.  When streaming, you want to have the best signal possible to get the highest quality experience.  You might not have that optimal experience if you are in the upstairs bedroom and the WiFi router is in the downstairs living room.  Whole-Home WiFi changes all that so that you never have to worry about having poor signal in any part of your home. Additionally, the app enables users to conveniently control their home network with an easy-to-use interface on their phone or mobile device.  Securing the traffic flow means better network security.  It also means that you can optimize the network for space, devices, and usage to get the most out of your home connection. WiFi Imagine your household getting ready for bedtime.  The kids are in their respective rooms toiling away at their mobile devices.  For them, sleep within any reasonable timeframe is but a pipe dream.  As the parent – and most importantly, as the person in control of the Whole-Home WiFi network – you can pause their access to the network and cut them off.  Sleep tight, kids!

Final thoughts

Some of the most exciting innovations within the tech space occur on the level of improvements of existing technology.  WOW! Internet and eero have taken the concept of home WiFi and improved it.  This application of technology is positioned to reinvent the way people get connected to the Internet.  It has practical applications among residential and business users, enabling those users to get the most out of their Internet service.  A new way to connect is here. ______________________________________ Let us help you find the best Internet deals in your area!  Call us today at 888-532-0739.