Hughes Net

Hughes Net

For those in rural and suburban areas, obtaining reliable internet access is hampered by technology. Running cables and fiber optics out to a home in a remote area will take time and cost a significant amount of money.

For this reason, most cable, DSL, and fiber optic options, in general, are out.

This is where HughesNet comes in.

As a satellite provider, HughesNet provides internet services to 94% of the United States population. The only constraints are to be a United States resident and be able to see the southern sky clearly.

Once those two criteria are met, HughesNet has a wide range of services available. From residential to commercial internet, customers have access to download speeds starting at 4 Mbps.

To enjoy High-Speed Satellite Internet, chose HughesNet Gen5. With download speeds of 25 Mbps available on this plan, customers can enjoy the benefits of the internet without the frustration of latency times.

HughesNet Gen5 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, photo sharing, consistent video streaming, and more data.

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