How Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Internet Connection

How Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Internet Connection

A solid internet connection is a necessity for companies,which is why every business owner should take optimizing their internet connection seriously.

A solid internet connection is an absolute necessity for companies in today's world -- which is why every business owner should take optimizing their internet connection seriously. Here are a few tips that can help you do just that:

Increasing Speed

1. Optimize Your Router Location.

Where will you be using your POS system? Where will your employees and customers be using their laptops, phones, and other web-enabled devices? The more centrally you can locate your router, the better. It is also important to note that placing your router too close to other powerful devices such as microwaves or toaster ovens can interfere with your signal.

2. Block Unnecessary Bandwidth Hogs.

Employees at your coffee shop have every right to Google the recipe to that 2/3 caff triple ristretto affogato venti, 2 pump mango 1 pump classic, 2%, mango to the second line, 3 scoops protein, 3 scoops berries, 2 scoop matcha, add banana, double blended, with whip, caramel drizzle, salted caramel topping, vanilla bean frappuccino. And customers have every right to check their Facebook and Instagram accounts. But does anyone at your shop really need to be streaming Netflix? (Especially considering that they will be ruining everyone else's internet experience?) We didn't think so -- so why not just block Netflix directly and save your bandwidth capabilities an unnecessary test?

3. Secure Your Network.

In addition to the fact that cybersecurity can be an existential threat to your entire business, it can also slow down your network. Read on to learn a few of the most important cybersecurity tips for small businesses.

Improving Security

4. Secure, encrypt, and hide.

Performing these three simple steps for your WiFi connection should be exceedingly simple. (Your WiFi provider will undoubtedly provide instructions for each of these processes when you contract your service.) Just don´t neglect these steps, as they are the foundation of every other security measure you take!

5. Train your staff.

Despite what most hacker movies might lead you to believe, most cybersecurity problems are the result of user error. If your staff understands the basics of phishing and malware, your odds of falling victim to an attack are virtually nil.

Reducing Cost

6. Do some bargaining.

Most internet service providers are opening to bargaining for prices, especially with commercial operations. If you aren't happy with the price you are currently paying for WiFi services, get in touch with your provider!

7. Shop around.

Of course, asking around isn't going to hurt either. Most areas have access to at least a few internet service providers, so checking for the lowest prices in your market is a no-brainer.

8. Get creative.

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