The Top Media Streaming Devices of 2018

The Top Media Streaming Devices of 2018

We have compared some of the top media streaming devices of 2018. Find out which device works best for getting all the best shows,movies,and other content you want.

Media streaming devices are an excellent way to watch online content on your TV.  Among the most notable are the following platforms: Amazon Fire TV, Google Cast, Roku, and Apple TV.  We compared the top media streaming devices to let you know which is best for getting all the shows, movies, and other content that you want.
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Roku Ultra

Instead of apps, Roku has Channels.  All the standards are there: Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Sling TV, Switch, and YouTube.  There are literally thousands of channels.  Because Roku offers 4K and HDR10 support, it has excellent picture quality.  Now, Roku is involved in the television market.  Manufacturers are incorporating the Roku TV platform into their screens.

Google Chromecast

Simple and easy-to-use.  All you do is plug in the device to a power source and then your TV.  There are no remotes.  You control everything through your mobile device.  There aren't even any on-screen interfaces or app stores to go to.  You just stream whatever you are watching on your mobile device.  It's that easy.

Amazon Fire TV

Fire TV is heavily focused on Amazon Prime media, both Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Music.  Of course, other content services are available through the apps: YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.  The platform is equipped with Alexa, the voice assistant tool.

Apple TV 4K

It doesn't have as many app selections as, say, Roku, but there's still plenty to watch on Apple TV.  All the biggies are there: Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and others.  It has a voice remote that lets you use Siri to control it.  Picture quality is excellent with 4K.  It also costs more than the other media streaming devices.