Top 12 Internet Service Providers in San Antonio

Top 12 Internet Service Providers in San Antonio

Finding the right Internet service provider requires some research. Here is a handy little guide to compare the costs,speed,and dependability of the top Internet service providers in San Antonio.

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People get pissed off with their Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  More breaking news: the sky is blue.  Seriously though, how many times have you sworn up and down (and left and right) not to put up with it anymore?  Prices suck.  Your connection keeps crapping out.  The repair guys never show up on time.  Calling customer service is like entering the first Circle of Hell.  Trust me, I get it.  I’m right there with you.  You must do your research to find out which ISP is best for you.  Here are the top 12 Internet service providers in San Antonio. Before we get into it, let’s set the criteria for evaluating these ISPsSan Antonio isn’t exactly Tulsita, Texas (population: 14 – yes, 14); we have options when it comes to choosing an ISP.  Thank God.  San Antonio has 48 ISPs!  Choosing the right one takes some investigating.

Criteria for Comparing Internet Service Providers


The thing on everyone’s mind is cost.  There are several factors that can affect the cost of your package.  For example, most ISPs will discount your service if bundled with TV and phone service.  Check out the latest Internet bundles in your area.  Also, check to see if you are required to rent the modem or buy it.  That’s some money right there.  Is installation free?  Some places will charge you for the service call.  How long is your contract?  Longer-term contracts typically feature a lower monthly rate.


Remember dial-up?  You had to wait forever, listening to those weird little modem sounds, before you were connected.  Photos loaded one pixel at a time.  Heaven forbid the website contained video content!  Yeah, we want to avoid that.  Pay attention the download and upload speeds offered by the ISP.


Isn’t it a special kind of awful when you need to get online but can’t because service is down?  DSLReports allows you to read what people are saying about different ISPs.  Read the reviews.  Is it easy to get support when you need it?  Will calling customer service leave you with heartburn?

The Top ISPs in San Antonio


What can you say?  It’s Spectrum.  They’re huge – probably the biggest in town.  You’re looking at about $45 per month for 200 mbps download and 10 mbps upload.  Their fastest speed is 940 mbps download.  They have a 50% customer service rating.  Meh.  It’s okay.  Not great.  Not terrible.


They’re big just like Spectrum.  Another giant.  You’re looking at about $30 per month for 6.0 mbps (depending on location) with a 1000 GB/mo data cap.  There is an Internet installation fee (cue sad trombone sound effect) of $99.  Customer service rating is 41%.  Not the best.

AT&T Fiber

It’s faster.  Plans range from $40 per month to $80 per month.  Speeds range from 50 mbps to 1,000 mbps.  There are data caps for the lower cost plans.  The $80 plan doesn’t have a data cap or a setup fee.  Otherwise, you’re looking at a $99 installation fee (more sad trombone).  Same customer service rating (41%).

Grande Communications

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  It’s only $36 per month for 300 mbps.  It’s nowhere near as big as AT&T or Spectrum, servicing only 12% of the San Antonio population.  But, that’s okay.  Speed peaks at 1,000 mbps (that costs $70 per month).  People seem to like it; it has a 69% customer service rating.  Hmmm.


I don’t know about this one.  Never heard of it before, but apparently they service 6% of San Antonio.  Customer service rating is only 33%.  Yikes.  Cost is $50 per month for 25 mbps.  And yes, there is a set up fee.  It’s $35, which includes installation.  Sigh.  I really don’t know.

Rock Solid

I’m not going to bother with city coverage with these smaller companies.  They just doesn’t compare with the giants.  That doesn’t mean they aren't good options.  These guys have been around for over 30 years.  They feature speeds of up to 100 mbps ($149 per month).  On the lower end of the speed spectrum, there’s the 3 mbps plan, which is only $35 per month.  Customer service rating is only 40% though.

Ranch Wireless Internet

Prices range from $30 to $120 per month with max download speeds between 1 and 25 mbps. These plans do have data caps in place.  It’s hard to gauge the customer service rating.  For what it’s worth, Wayne and Greta both love it.  They are featured on the testimonials page on the company website.

Rise Broadband

These guys offer fixed wireless coverage.  Prices are $30 and $40 per month with download speeds of 25 and 50 mbps respectively.  No data caps.  Setup fee is $75.  It has a 40% customer service rating.

Alamo Broadband

It’s fixed wireless Internet access, which means that they use fixed location microwave radios instead of phone or cable lines.  They’ve been in business for seven years, and they pride themselves on their reliability.  There’s only one data plan and it is $100 per month for 12 mbps.  There is a $99 set up fee.


It’s fixed wireless.  They have two plans.  One is $80 per month for 16 mbps download.  The other is $100 per month for 25 mbps download.  You’re facing a $100 setup fee, which includes activation.  People seem to dig it.  It has a 61% customer service rating.

Vivint Wireless

Their website boasts about their fixed prices.  You get the same price month after month, which is cool.  Their only plan for this region is $60 per month for max speeds of 100 mbps.  No data cap.  It has only a 34% customer service rating.  Sad face.


They’re a satellite Internet provider.  They have two plans for this area.  The first is $50 per month for 25 mbps.  The other is $70 per month for 25 mbps.  Installation is free, but there is a $99 set up fee.  No data limits.  It has a 25% customer service rating.  Eeek.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: the top ISPs in San Antonio.  Some you’ve heard of.  Some you haven’t.  Each has its strong points.  It’s up to you to research which one works best for your needs.  A lot will depend on availability in your area.  That is step number one.  It’s a time-consuming process, yes, but it’s worth it when you find a reliable and affordable Internet service.  So get cracking! Check to find the latest Internet bundles for your area.