Looking to upgrade or switch your service to satellite? When shopping for the best provider, explore the best satellite internet review of Viasat.


Consumers have trusted Viasat with their high-speed internet needs for more than 30 years. Despite growing competition from other U.S. internet service providers, Viasat remains one of the top satellite ISPs in the nation.

Formerly known as Exede, the Satellite ISP provider officially switched to Viasat internet in 2012. Viasat services hundreds of thousands of consumers across the country and is available in all 50 states. The largest coverage areas are in New York, Texas, and California.

Viasat's staying power is attributed, in part, to the market itself. There is very little competition in the Satellite ISP industry, and Viasat is the second-largest satellite internet provider in the country, next to HughesNet.

Are you considering Viasat satellite internet? Learn how Viasat internet works, and explore its plans, high speeds, features, and more.

Viasat vs. Other ISPs

Most ISPs are cable or DSL providers. Viasat, on the other hand, delivers high-speed internet via satellite. If this is your first experience with satellite internet, there are important differences to know about satellite vs. cable and DSL.

The Difference between Satellite, Cable, and DSL

A significant advantage of satellite internet is that it can be accessed wherever a satellite dish is present. That means you can access it virtually anywhere from the country. That's why satellite internet is more accessible to some rural areas than cable and DSL services.

Availability of Cable and DSL

While several top internet providers offer cable or DSL only, these services aren't available in every area. You'll need to look up your zip code to find out if cable or DSL providers service your area at all. If your area isn't currently serviced, you would need to look at alternatives, like satellite internet.

Why isn't cable or DSL service available for everyone? This is a frequently asked question. It has everything to do with location.

If your area is located too far from an ISP's servicing equipment, you won't have access to that service. This is a frequent issue for rural communities. Distance is why some ISPs have monopolies over certain areas. Some areas are lucky to have two cable ISP choices.

A cable or DSL servicing area must be located within 18,000 feet of an ISP's telecommunications equipment to get service. Internet speed depends on how close you are to servicing equipment. A house that's 3,000 feet away from telecom equipment will enjoy faster internet than a home located 17,000 feet away.

How Viasat Satellite Internet Works

Cable ISPs transmit signals via coaxial cables directly to your internet modem. DSL providers use phone lines to deliver internet services. Viasat internet transmits signals from Earth to its orbiting satellites located outside of Earth.

Once Viasat receives the signal request, it transmits a signal from its orbiting satellites back to your satellite dish, delivering high-speed internet directly to your home. Your computer transmits a signal to your internet modem, which sends a signal request to your attached satellite dish.

You'll need at least two pieces of equipment to access Viasat satellite internet: a Viasat brand satellite dish and the wifi modem with a built-in router. Coaxial cables are also necessary for connecting your dish and modem.

Viasat's most current wifi modem also comes with the company's analog voice adapter to enable VoIP capabilities. However, if you're using an older Exede internet modem, you can purchase the voice adapter separately. This add-on is ideal for businesses that want to switch to virtual phone lines.

Viasat's satellite internet dish is separate from your TV satellite dish. Viasat's dish is small, measuring at only 30 by 28 inches wide. Most homeowners install their dish on the side of their houses, but you can also install them on a nearby mole or freestanding mount.

After ordering Viasat internet, a company technician can help you position your dish for optimal speed. Service and dish installation can take anywhere from two to three hours with a certified technician.

How to Get on the Internet

Rest assured, your Viasat technician will help you configure your internet. They'll also create the network name and password of your choice.

It's important to know how to configure Viasat internet if you ever move or need to set up a new network. Your Viasat equipment comes with assigned identifiers that you can use to set up your network. Your network password is the "key" on the bottom of your wireless internet modem.

Once your devices are connected, they'll recognize the network name printed on the back of your modem. All you have to do is type in your password, and you're good to go. If you want to create a new network name and password, call a technician or follow the online instructions provided by Viasat.

Types of Viasat Plans

Viasat has several types of residential internet plans. These include:

  • Liberty monthly plans
  • Unlimited Bronze
  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Platinum

These monthly plans are divided into separate tiers. Data capacity and internet speeds increase with each tier.

How Fast is Viasat Satellite Internet?

Viasat's performance and speed depend on three things: your dish location, service area, and chosen monthly plan.

Viasat offers several internet plans for homes, businesses, and government agencies.

While any home or building can install a Viasat dish, different residential plans are available for different areas. Availability is determined by the satellite beams that service each location. To find out which plans are available in your area, you'll need to search for plans by zip code.

For example, most Liberty plans start at 12 GB and go up from there. Viasat Liberty monthly plans start at $50 for 12 GB, $75 a month for 25 GB, $100 for 50 GB, and $150 per month for unlimited gigabytes. If you want the fastest satellite internet, go with the unlimited GB plan.

Your area may have Unlimited Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum monthly plans available. These plans start at $70 per month for 12 Mbps, $100 for 25 Mbps, $150 for 30 to 100 Mbps, and so forth. 100 Mbps is the fastest satellite internet speed available from Viasat; however, it's not available in all service areas.

With Viasat, you can expect video streaming speeds ranging from 360p to 1080p. Optimal streaming speeds will depend on your monthly plan of choice. Video streaming speeds increase with each monthly plan tier.

Optimize Your Viasat Experience

Viasat offers additional products to optimize your satellite internet experience. You can bundle your internet service with DirectTV to enjoy the full satellite entertainment experience. There's also an option to add a home landline at a fraction of the cost. A priority customer care package is also available at an additional cost.

To get the most bang for your buck, take advantage of Viasat's current deals and specials. However, these specials are available for a limited time only. These deals may apply to the first six months of service only. After the offer expires, you may be required to pay the regular monthly cost.

Viasat Options for Business Owners

Are you a small business owner? You can't compete without reliable internet. Like residential internet plans, your satellite business internet choices depend on your location.

One popular plan is the Business Unlimited 35. For $175 per month, your business will receive internet speeds of up to 35 Mbps. This plan also comes with unlimited streaming and data.

You can also choose from one of Viasat's Business Metered broadband plans. These plans are ideal for businesses that only require low data usage for continuity purposes, backups, and secure SD-WAN connections.

There are three Business Metered plans: Business Metered 1 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, 50 GB, and 200 GB. Plans start at $50 per month for 1 GB of high-speed data, $80 a month for 10 GB worth of data, $100 for 20 GB, $150 for 50 GB, and $400 for 200 GB of internet data.

Viasat goes a step further in offering VoIP capabilities for businesses. A VoIP-based phone system can help you save money on business communication expenses. You'll need to purchase the additional ATA hardware if you don't already have the wireless modem with built-in VoIP.

You can also optimize your business communication with Viasat's Business Voice. For a small additional cost, you get unlimited business calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Mexico. You also enjoy a more flexible business phone service in the cloud.

Business internet hotspots are also available from Viasat. A business hotspot plan typically starts at $40 per month. Hotspots let you provide secure wireless internet to guests and customers. You can set up customer login credentials and apply your own web content filters.

Discover the Right Viasat Satellite Internet Solution for You

Whether you're a homeowner, renter, or business owner, you need a reliable internet solution. Discover the benefits of the best satellite internet for entertainment, working from home, and business continuity.

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