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Bitcoin Getting Blocked

Columbia University Professor Joseph Stiglitz has expressed his opinion that regulations on cryptocurrency will end up making it worthless.

Finding a Better Way with Apple Maps

Tired of the pizza guy delivering cold pizza? The good news is Apple Maps is about to launch a new version and your pizza guy will have one less excuse!

Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects

Watching Sharp Objects on HBO is sure to be a treat. The only thing better is to read the book Sharp Objects by the amazing Gillian Flynn.

HBO Should Look Forward to Childbirth

HBO is not looking forward to the childbirth jokes. John Stankey,CEO of Warner Media,said they’ll be working harder in the coming year.

Which Virtual Assistant is the Smart Choice?

Virtual Assistants of today are displaying the very early phases of science-fiction virtual assistants like Jarvis. With their help,soon we'll superheroes.

3 Reasons to Keep the Music Playing

Drake's Scorpion reached 130 million streams 130 million doesn't count how many times listeners repeated the album to keep the music playing.

Who Killed Your Wi-Fi?

It's Friday night,you turn on your favorite streaming service. Only to find your TV is stuck on the loading screen. Someone has killed your Wi-Fi. But who?