AT&T has all you need when it comes to getting access to the internet and cable. Available in 9,799 zip codes, AT&T offers the most when it comes to choosing what’s the best fit for you and your family. With plans starting at speeds of 4 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, you can get the best technology to match your budget and needs. We’ve got fiber-optic, DSL, and fixed wireless. Each one comes with a select package of cable channels, so you don’t miss out on local news, weather, or sports. Bundle and save on both. Call Bundle Your Internet now to get the most that AT&T has to offer!AT&T High-Speed Internet Plans Plans starting at $40/mo Based in Dallas, Texas, AT&T is the largest telecommunications brand in the world. Although AT&T made its name with telephone service, it’s also an internet service provider to 9,000+ ZIP codes across the country. AT&T offers speeds ranging from 4 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps through fiber, DSL, or fixed wireless technology, depending on your area. Why choose AT&T? Reliability: AT&T’s fiberoptic internet is known for its reliability, which is at nearly 100%. The company is also ranked #1 in customer service and satisfaction based on an ACSI survey. Unlimited data: If you package your internet with a TV plan, or if you sign up for Fiber 1000, you can score unlimited data through AT&T. If you don’t want a package deal, you can always purchase unlimited data for $30/mo. That’s perfect if you want to stream from multiple devices without limits. One-stop-shop: If you hate dealing with a handful of companies just to get connected, stop the madness. Sign up with AT&T to package your TV, internet, and mobile phone service in one plan. This can actually score you a discount on your monthly bill, too. Shop AT&T plans now Which AT&T package is the fastest? AT&T’s Internet 1000 plan has the fastest speeds. It includes a 1,000 Mbps connection with prices starting at $70/mo. If you love streaming video or gaming, it’s an affordable option for high-speed internet access. Does AT&T have fiber in my area? AT&T fiber service is currently available in 21 states. Not sure if there’s fiber near you? No worries. Enter your ZIP code and KonectEaze will see which plans you qualify for. Get fast, reliable internet with AT&T.

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1 movie (2GB) would take 17 Secs
50 photos (300MB) would take 2 Secs
1 album (60MB) would take 1 Sec
Download Speed: 1000 Mbps. Upload Speed: 940 Mbps. Unlimited Data Allowance is available for an additional $30/mo. $80/mo.
1 movie (2GB) would take 3 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 25 Secs
1 album (60MB) would take 5 Secs
Download Speed: 100 Mbps. Upload Speed: 20 Mbps. 1 TB data/mo. $40/mo.
1 movie (2GB) would take 4 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 33 Secs
1 album (60MB) would take 6 Secs
Download Speed: 75 Mbps. Upload Speed: 8 Mbps. 1TB data/mo. $50.00/mo.
1 movie (2GB) would take 6 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 1 Min
1 album (60MB) would take 10 Secs
Download Speed: 50 Mbps. Upload Speed: 10 Mbps. 1 TB data/mo. $50/mo.
1 movie (2GB) would take 11 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 2 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 20 Secs
Download Speed: 25 Mbps. Upload Speed: 5 Mbps. 1 TB data/mo. $50/mo.
1 movie (2GB) would take 57 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 8 Secs
1 album (60MB) would take 2 Mins
Download Speed: 5 Mbps. Upload Speed: 1 Mbps. DSL Connection. 12 Month Agreement Required.

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