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How To Be A Sneakerhead (Part 1 of 2)

Being a sneakerhead isn’t cheap. It’s not unusual to see adults and kids at Sneaker Con (yes, there are sneaker conventions) buying and selling shoes priced in the thousands.

What Can We Learn From Mister Rogers?

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” charts the career of Mister Rogers,and is a much-needed balm of human empathy and kindness in these times of conflict.

Top Mental Health Apps of 2018

It’s important for people to understand that help is always available. Here are the top mental health apps available on the market!

Why Is 'Hereditary' So Scary?

"Hereditary" is sparking conversation around the country as audiences try to comprehend it all. Some thoughts on why this is one of the great horror movies.

Is DIRECTV NOW Right for You?

DIRECTV NOW can effectively cut your cable bill significantly and still give you access to the channels and content you need. 

The History of the Battle Royale Game Craze

The Battle Royale game genre has revolutionized the industry with games like Fortnite. But,do you know the history of the genre and where it came from? With all the excitement,the question becomes: where will game developers take the genre from here?

The Ultimate Moving Survival Guide

If you properly plan and prepare for your moving experience, you will eliminate a lot of the stress and headache that people dread going through. It is helpful to have a checklist of items to cross out as you complete them.

Pandora Launches New Family Plan

Music lovers have another reason to rejoice.  Pandora has launched its new Premium Family Plan,which costs just $14.99 per month and can support up to six accounts.  Each account can keep their own music stations and users have full access to Pandora Premium features.

Simple Tips for Finding the Best Internet Deal

Shopping for the best Internet deal is work. But,in the long run,it can save you a whole lot of money (and heartache). Here are some simple tips for finding the best Internet service for your home.