Is Viasat Internet Available in My Area?

Is Viasat Internet Available in My Area?

If you're in a rural or remote location looking for an internet provider with service in your area, find out if Viasat internet is available near you.

Approximately six percent of American households lack adequate internet. Never before in time has the internet and reliable communication been as important as it is today.

Viasat Internet has one of the widest reaches of all internet companies, touching every state in the United States. Their accessibility map has every county of every state colored, which means just about anyone can get Viasat.

Keep reading to learn about why Viasat internet is one of the leading internet providers available today.

Viasat Internet Is Available

Viasat differs from other internet services in that it does not use cable or fiberoptic. It uses a satellite network to beam a connection to any household that needs it in any part of the country.

So if you live in a remote area where cable internet or fiber internet is not a possibility, Viasat is a great option. You can live anywhere in the United States from Portland, Oregon to Miami, Florida, and anywhere remote in between.

Rural internet users, in particular, can benefit from Viasat. Those who live on a farm or in any part of rural America understand the difficulty of finding reliable internet. Most rural areas do not have the high concentration that an internet company wants before it invests in bringing internet to homes.

Thus, these rural areas lack the infrastructure to support the internet.

If you're living outside a coverage area that has cable, DSL, fiber, and fixed-wireless options, you're a great candidate for Viasat. So you can enjoy the remote outdoors and modern-day internet service.

The Positive Side

Getting Viasat is a pretty simple process. You visit a list of the providers in your area and select Viasat. Then you contact the company directly to see how long before they can send a technician to your home to set up your internet.

Viasat works in remote, rural areas with few people living in them. You do not need an official community of people to get Viasat internet. Plus, Viasat satellite often provides even faster service than some DSL, with some locations receiving up to 100 Mbps.

Viasat Requirements

Viasat does require you to sign a two-year contract when you sign up for their service. They often pair their services with Direct TV, so you can get a bundle, but you need to commit to two years.

Viasat can sometimes deliver higher latency than other internet types, which means you may have a slower speed than cable or fiber optic would offer.

Plus, Viasat internet plans may cost you more than other types of internet.

When you live in a rural, remote area, you need a connection to the outside world. So reliable internet is no longer just a luxury that some can afford, but it is a requirement for living. People need it to work remotely, and, as of late, kids need it to go to school.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis that forced so many people to work from home, forty-three percent of Americans were already logging into work from their home office. Now there are even more people who need good internet for work.

Stay Connected

Services like what Viasat internet provides can keep our country connected and save jobs. People can work from just about anywhere if they have a reliable internet connection. Viasat makes this happen.

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