Looking for the Fastest Internet? Everything You Need to Know

Looking for the Fastest Internet? Everything You Need to Know

Finding the fastest Internet service in San Antonio- Austin area can be quite a challenge. You wade through dozens of websites that promise the world only to discover the internet service you want isn't available, is too expensive or just not fast enough. If only there was an easier option.

Did you know that 86% of urban areas in the US have access to broadband compared to 81% in rural areas?

The country ranks 11th in the world for broadband speeds yet many users get left behind. That's in part to fiber broadband installations which usually happen within the cities. But what about areas that can't get access to high-speeds?

This article reveals how you can get the fastest Internet possible no matter what city, state, or community you're in.

Read on to discover the benefits of Rise Broadband Internet. Discover how affordable Rise Broadband prices can be. And connect to the Internet speeds you deserve.

What Is Broadband Internet?

Gone are the days of dial-up modems and files taking hours to download.

Modern broadband Internet offers a high-speed connection to the online world. Speeds are measured in Mbps or megabits per second. The higher the number the faster your Internet experience.

Although there's no standard definition of a base broadband speed, aim to reach double-digits. For example, you can download a 10MB file on a 20Mbp connection in under ten seconds.

You'll need an Internet service provider or ISP to get connected. However, they all charge different prices for different speeds. And not all ISPs will cover your location.

Fastest Internet Speeds With Rise Broadband

One of the best broadband providers is Rise Broadband.

Located in Dallas, Texas, Rise Broadband provides fixed wireless Internet services. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting you can connect from any device.

Rise will install an antenna on your roof and attach a radio receiver. Their hardware connects to a local Access Point tower which in turn links to a fiber junction box. This produces low latency/delays compared to options like satellite.

Rise Internet speeds range from 1Mpbs up to 1Gbps.

They serve a sixteen states that include twenty-six million American homes and businesses. If you can access a minimum of 5Mpbs you can use Rise Broaband's fastest Internet service for HD video streaming. 

Rise Broadband Prices

Rise Broadband has the fastest Internet deal to suit every budget. Three popular high-speed options include:

  • Rise Broadband Internet Only 25 Unlimited
  • Rise Broadband 50 Internet Only
  • Rise Broadband Internet Only

The Unlimited deal costs $54.95 per month and includes an unlimited amount of downloads. Speeds average 25Mbps and there are no set-up fees.

The 50 Internet Only option grants you speeds of up to 50Mbps for $44.95p/m. That price includes 250GB of data usage and the modem costs $10.99 p/m.

Find the Fastest Broadband Service With KonectEaze 

Finding the fastest Internet service is never fun. You wade through dozens of websites that promise the world only to discover they don't cover your area. If only there was an easier option.

KonectEaze lets you find the perfect ISP by simply entering your location.

Our results display download and upload speeds along with pricing and contract lengths. We even show how long it would take to download a movie and 50 photos.

Try our service today and contact Rise Broadband for the best deal.