The 8 Biggest Anti-Amazon Prime Day Contenders

The 8 Biggest Anti-Amazon Prime Day Contenders

Today is Amazon Prime Day if you haven’t noticed. If you don’t have a Prime Membership,there are plenty of other retailers with deals today. Who are they?

Today is Amazon Prime Day if you haven’t noticed. What is Amazon Prime Day? It’s the day that Amazon opens its doors to all its Prime members to get deep discounts on select products, deals, and services. If you’re not a Prime member, you don’t get to enjoy Amazon’s version of “Black Friday in July.” Check out our previous post, 6 Steps to Finding the Best Deals for Amazon Prime Day to find out how you can get the most out of what’s left of this thirty-six hour day of sales. And even if you don’t have a Prime Membership, there are plenty of other retailers looking to take the wind out of Amazon’s sales by offering their own special deals on Amazon’s special day. Who are they? More importantly, how do you take advantage of these deals?


Massdrop is the online home for hobbyists and enthusiasts. From quilting to cooking to technology, Massdrop is geared towards finding and producing top quality products to help you get the most out of your hobby. It’s an online store that’s even more exclusive than Amazon. The good news is that you can join for free to get in on their Anti-Prime Day deals.


Unlike Amazon, an online retailer, eBay is an online marketplace for people to sell their goods and wares. It may be semantics, but everyone on eBay is a reseller. A very large community of indie stores has set up shop on eBay, more so that Amazon. eBay is free to shop, no special membership required to take advantage of their deals. Right on eBay’s homepage is the Daily Deals button to let you know who’s got sales going on and for how long. Don’t miss it!


Either in their physical stores or online, Gamestop has deals running throughout today and tomorrow. Check their weekly ad and the Deal’s section of their website to find out where the deals are and how to get the most out of them.

B&H Photo

This online retailer focuses on photography and video. This also means they branch out to computers, TVs, camcorders, lighting, and more. Click on their Specials tab to check out B&H’s deals and sales for today.

Google Store

Google, not wanting to be outdone by one of their biggest competitors in the virtual assistant market, has offered for this day as well. Check out their personal store to find their deals. They don’t have a centralized listing of them though, meaning you might have to guess which ones are discounted. It’s not very time efficient. Their products are also discounted in stores as well. To do this you’ll have to search each page individually, on your own internet browser. If you’ve managed to land one of the best internet deals, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Razer Game Store

This online game retailer allows you to buy physical copies of your favorite game or download it directly to your platform of choice. Razer has conveniently compiled all their deals and sales on their homepage for you. There’s more available, but the top ones are put on the homepage. There’s no need for a centralized list here!


Some of the deals you’ll find with Target are at their physical stores, and some are online only. Simply visit Target’s homepage, click on the Weekly Ad tab and type in your zip code to find the deals available at your nearest Target store.


Similar to Google, Microsoft hasn’t put together a centralized list of their sales and deals for Amazon Prime Day. Again, you’ll have to search product by product to find out if there’s a deal going on or not.

Some Help

Thanks to sites like The Verge, CNET, PC Mag, and others, there are ongoing lists of deals both on and off Amazon that will help you find the best deals for this day. There are also a host of third-party sites that notify you of deals going on. Simply pick the one you feel most comfortable with and set up which products, or sellers, you want to watch for deals and sales. There’s Tech Bargains,, Slickdeals, and much more!

Get a jump on Christmas

It may seem as though Amazon is trying to set up their own special shopping day in the middle of summer, but there are some positives to this whole thing too. For one, Amazon is simply clearing out merchandise for the coming holiday season. As more and more stores are trying to milk Christmas, you’ll start to see holiday selling season start earlier and earlier. Two, you’ll be able to take care of some holiday shopping. It’s a little absurd to be shopping for Christmas now, that’s understandable. Look at it another way, you’re able to take a little stress out of your holidays now by getting a few gifts or items purchased now. Lastly, with Amazon creating this artificial holiday in the middle of summer vacation, other stores are responding to it. This means they’re going to be offering deep discounts and deals to compete with Amazon. And with sellers compete on price, be Amazon, Google, or anyone else, you end up winning!