MetroNet's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and How its Keeping its Customers Safe

MetroNet's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and How its Keeping its Customers Safe

Metronet is taking measures to ensure it's customers stay connected and safe during the coronavirus pandemic. See what MetroNet has done in response to Covid-19 and how it impacts you.

What Metronet is doing for its Customer’s in response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Internet Providers across the United States have made several changes in their policies in response to the Cornavirus outbreak.  We reached out to Chris Duggan, the Director of Residential sales for Metronet, to find how they are approaching business during this pandemic.  

What if any changes have been made to how installations are handled since the COVID-19 situation?

The following guidelines have been set forth by MetroNet in order  to ensure the safety of both the installers of MetroNet’s internet service and its customers. 


·           Clean and sanitize all tools and wipe down vehicle during team meetings

·           Have technicians use hand sanitizer before they begin their work at each house and as soon as they leave each residence.

·           Have technicians sanitize any tool used inside a residence each time they leave a household.

·           Throw all trash away in provided trash bags daily.

·           Use new disposable booties on each job.

·           On repair calls use technician remote for customer ed. instead of customers

·           If you get to a customer’s house and they appear to be sick or mention being sick. Go to your work vehicle and contact your supervisor.

·           Might need to explore rescheduling customer and the supervisor will give guidance


What do you foresee as the possible impact to new customer residential and business installations over the next several months?


·           Due to MetroNet being classified as an Essential Utility our technicians are maintaining the same schedules and volume that we experienced previous to the spread of COVID-19. 

·           We expect a major increase in sales volume due to people needing high performing fiber broadband services more than ever. The demand for faster connections and more bandwidth may increase, due to more devices being online, allowing you to work from home, complete online classwork, and fill the downtimes while streaming, surfing, and gaming.


What is Metronet doing to help its small business customers?


·           Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we realize your business’s needs for reliable internet may change in the coming weeks. We want to assure you our 100% Fiber Optic network was built for critical times like these, allowing for a huge increase in traffic. We’re ready as your demand for faster connections and more bandwidth may increase, due to more devices being online, and as more employees may be working remotely through a VPN.  

·           We are committed to helping your business during these challenging times.  Whether you subscribe to some or all of our services, below is a list of tools you can take advantage of today to help keep your business running.  For a limited time MetroNet is also offering upgraded services to our current customers at no additional cost*.


About Metronet


MetroNet is a Fiberoptic Internet, Television and Phone provider based in Evansville, Indiana.  Their business was established in 2005 with the intent of putting customers first.  MetroNet’s services were first launched in Greencastle, Indiana and since that time have grown to service over 100 communities across several different states including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. 

There are several things that set MetroNet’s services apart from the competition.  The first of which is all of MetroNet’s services are delivered to their customers across a network that is comprised of 100% fiber optic cables.  This ensures the fastest, most reliable and secure connection for their customers.  This network is made up of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, directly to the customer homes which differs from most of the other fiber optic providers like AT&T and Verizon Fios that bring the fiber optics all the way to a box in your neighborhood and then use copper for the final run to your home or business, which has a tendency to hamper the lightning fast speeds usually associated with fiber optic internet and tv service.  

MetroNet’s mission is to outdo the big names in TV and internet by bringing state-of-the-art telecommunication services to its entire footprint which usually is located in the larger metropolitan areas of the communities they serve.  MetroNet’s commitment to better technology and faster speeds means that the options they offer in tv, internet and home phone service are superior to the offerings of the big company’s while still giving their customers the attention and care they deserve.  By remaining on the front end of technology not only do current customers benefit, but also by planning ahead, MetroNet is ensuring that they will be able to serve a larger customer base in the future with the same speed, reliability and value currently enjoyed by those who are using the service today.  

MetroNet also understands the value of being physically present in the communities it serves.  They have opened retail locations staffed with knowledgeable employees who are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.  Can you imagine being able to go down to your local Xfnityoffice and finding a technician or customer service rep who knows you by name and treats you like family? Not likely, but at MetroNet, that is the norm they are striving to achieve which clearly sets them apart from the competition.  One other great fact about their retail locations is that they have installed interactive kiosk to let you test drive the service, pay your bills, sign up for new service and more. Which one of the other providers allows you to do that?  

For more information on MetroNet including packages, plans and pricing and availability in your area, make sure to enter your address in Konecteaze zip code look up tool or read more about MetroNet’s service on our site.