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Available in 8,076 zip codes, Frontier Communications brings fast internet at a low price. Whether its DSL or Fiber, Frontier Communications has the technology to get you reliable internet in your home. And that’s the way it should be in your house. Now you’ll have the internet you’ll need for the moments you’ll never forget. With Frontier Communications, you can stream, play, and browse without having to wait for your computer to catch up. So call Bundle Your Internet today and see how Frontier Communications can provide the internet speeds and reliability to your home at a price you’ll love. Frontier Communications High-Speed Internet Plans Plans starting at $45/mo Frontier Communications is one of the largest broadband providers in the United States. With over 3 million subscribers in 29 states, Frontier covers over 8,000 ZIP codes with DSL and fiber internet. With average speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 115 Mbps, Frontier’s high-speed internet packages don’t have data caps or limits. Plus, you can add TV or phone service to save more time and money. Why choose Frontier? High-speed internet plans: With speeds up to 115 Mbps, Frontier keeps you online without the downtime. Enjoy the reliability of its fiber service with unlimited data plans. Package TV, internet, and phone: Frontier is an internet service provider, but it also includes digital voice phone service and select cable TV options. Availability: Frontier Communications is available in over half of the United States. If you need reliable, affordable, high-speed internet, it’s a popular choice. Shop Frontier plans now Does Frontier Communications have TV? Yes. Frontier’s FiOS fiberoptic TV packages start at $54.98 month. Get 25+ channels and enjoy download speeds of 50 Mbps with high-speed internet. Does Frontier offer discounts? Frontier offers discounts for qualified low-income individuals. If you qualify, you can access low-cost internet and digital voice services through Frontier. Get fast, reliable internet with Frontier. Enter your ZIP code to find Frontier plans near you.

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1 movie (2GB) would take 11 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 2 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 20 Secs
Download Speed: 25 Mbps. Upload Speed: 5 Mbps. Download an entire album in 17 seconds.
1 movie (2GB) would take 24 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 4 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 1 Min
Download Speed: 12 Mbps. Upload Speed: 5 Mbps. Reliable internet connection. Download a song in 20 seconds.
1 movie (2GB) would take 48 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 7 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 1 Min
Download Speed: 6 Mbps. Upload Speed: 3 Mbps. Reliable Internet Connection.

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