Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband

Rural customers are stuck with either satellite or going without internet at all. When it came to satellite it was between one of the two largest providers of satellite internet.

Times are changing.

Rise Broadband is a fixed wireless internet service provider offering affordable internet services to those both near and far.

Fixed wireless is often confused with satellite. With a satellite connection; data is transmitted directly to a dish on the property. The problem with this is lag time and connectivity issues.

Fixed wireless is different. Installing towers, with a direct line-of-sight to the home, internet signals are transmitted directly to the home. This solves the issue of latency. The signal is also less affected by weather. Instead, the signal is sent to a tower and the tower transmits to a satellite.

With fixed wireless, Rise Broadband offers high-speed internet and phone services to customers in their service areas. Now customers save money as they connect to the web to stream TV, play games, and engage with social media!

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