Hughesnet new Offers for May 2020

Hughesnet new Offers for May 2020

Are you thinking about switching over to Hughesnet internet? Before signing up, take a look at some of these deals that Hughesnet is offering new customers.

Hughesnet Internet New Customer Offers for 2020

Just because you've chosen to live in the boondocks of America does not mean you need to live like a barbarian. Thanks to satellite internet, you can live in the wilderness of America and still have internet.

Hughesnet Internet has become one of the front runners of satellite internet, offering a connection to the civilized world to just about anyone in the United States. All you need is a view of the sky. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Hughesnet and the deals they're offering their customers right now. 

What is HughesNet Internet? 

HughesNet claims to be America's top choice for satellite Internet. They have a valid claim. 

With over 1 million subscribers nationwide, HughesNet uses satellite technology to give its customers constant, lightning-fast internet. They also offer service everywhere in the United States. 

This means if you live in an area with incredibly slow or no high-speed internet options, you now have an option with HughesNet Internet. 

How Does HughesNet Work?

HughesNet works differently than other internet service providers. When you have cable, fiber optic, or DSL internet, your internet comes into your home through a physical line, be it a cable, fiber optic line, or an unused telephone line. 

With HughesNet, you have a satellite connection. The magic begins when your computer at home sends a request for a webpage to a satellite tens of thousands of miles in space. Because the satellite is so far out, it rotates the same speed as the earth, and thus it stays in the same spot over the earth. 

The Internet via satellite is technologically advanced.  So, the distance of the satellite in the sky does not make a difference, even when you live in the backwoods of the most remote area. 

Once the satellite receives your request, it contacts the Hughes Network Operations Center. The NOC then finds the specific website you want. This all happens in a matter of nanoseconds. 

The website then sends information on the same path from the NOC to the satellite to your computer through the HughesNet dish and modem. 

This signal travels tens of thousands of miles, yet only a fraction of a moment passes as it travels. You can compare the time this takes to the time it takes for your cell phone to work. You typically do not perceive the latency when you surf the internet on your phone. 

Where Can I Find HughesNet?

Because HughesNet offers satellite internet, they cover a wide spectrum of the United States. In short, they cover all of it. 

You can get HughesNet Gen 5 anywhere in the United States, even if you cannot get cable or fiber Internet. HughesNet even offers service to residents in Alaska and Puerto Rico.  So, you while you may not be able to get supplies by anything other than a puddle jumper, you can get internet thanks to HughesNet. 

What are the Best Hughesnet Deals for New Customers?

Satellite internet providers are hungry to prove they can offer great internet service to anyone. As a result, they work hard to offer excellent deals to new customers. 

Currently, HughesNet offers a Free Wi-Fi modem with each Hughesnet Gen 5 plan. You can also get some great deals for sharing information about HughesNet with your friends. 

When you invite your friends to HughesNet, you can a $50 credit on your next bill. That's a $50 credit for each new person who uses you as a referral. 

Here are the deals you can currently get with HughesNet: 

  • 10 GB of data, 25 Mbps of speed for $39.99
  • 20 GB of data, 25 Mbps of speed for $49.99
  • 30 GB of data, 25 Mbps of speed for $79.99
  • 50 GB of data, 25 Mbps of speed for $129.99

HughesNet is also currently running a promotion where you can $75 of free equipment and premium features with HughesNet Voice, the home phone connection that HughesNet will set up with their satellite connection.  So, if you live in an area with spotty cell service, you can still get a phone connection with the HughesNet satellite phone. 

HughesNet claims you can get great service with them as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky.  So, if you live in an area that offers a 2002 dial-up connection or no internet at all, HughesNet gives you options.

Plus, HughesNet offers Gen5 to nearly all of its customers, which means some of the fastest internet speeds around. 

You can still cyber commute and enjoy remote living thanks to satellite internet and companies like HughesNet that provide it. 

Included Equipment and Fees

High-speed internet plans from HughesNet includes some interesting deals. 

You can receive built-in WiFi with their equipment. This means you can connect our home wirelessly with no hard data limits. HughesNet makes it so you can exceed your data cap but not lose your internet altogether. Instead, they reduce your speed and implement video data saver. 

So, this means you watch more videos with fewer data and even have a "bonus" zone in your contract. A bonus zone is a time frame between 2 AM and 8 AM when you can use up to 50 GB of data free. 

HughesNet also offers free standard installation for a limited time. 

HughesNet is also now offering Gen5 internet, which means even faster internet. This is 5th generation high-speed technology. 

While HughesNet does give you a free modem, they will charge you approximately $15 a month for rented equipment like the satellite dish that shoots off your internet signal. 

HughesNet Customer Service

Even though their satellite is tens of thousands of miles away, HughesNet prides itself on providing customer service as if they were right next door. You can contact them via phone, email, and online chat. Their phone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Chat is available on-demand, so you can resolve your problems quickly. HughesNet encourages its customers to use email for less dire problems, but they still promise to respond within 24 hours. 

HughesNet has such great customer service that the Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating and labeled them an Accredited Business. Their customer reviews and company reputation speak well of their customer service. 

What is Hughesnet Gen 5?

HughesNet has always boasted of high satellite internet speeds. HughesNet Gen 5 takes their speeds to a whole new level. 

Gamers can now hope to play games through satellite internet. 

You have to remember that HughesNet has been around for a while. The gurus at HughesNet have taken decades of experience in satellite communication to develop the Gen5 that now graces many people's homes. More customers can do what they want online without worrying about interruptions or data caps. 

Gen5 technology shrinks web data by p to 30 percent. This means you can download more content and do more things online without blowing all your data. 

Gen5 also uses pre-accessed data from a webpage so that previously viewed webpages load more quickly. 

HughesNet also uses tools like a Usage Meter and Data tokens. These tools let you view your data to make sure you've got enough for the month. 

HughesNet boasts of offering the fastest satellite internet around with up to 25mbps of download and 3 Mbps of upload speeds, speeds not seen in satellite coverage in the past. 

Plus, a recent FCC report documents the track record that HughesNet has of delivering the promised speeds to its customers. They do not just advertise speeds, but the FCC says HughesNet delivers them.

The FCC testifies to the success that HughesNet has with their 30-plus years of experience in satellite technology. They've moved from television to the internet seamlessly. 

It's important to take this data and customer reviews into account, especially if you've been around a while. You probably remember the early days of satellite internet. It was faster than dial-up, but it had some big lags in it. 

Some people would even describe that early satellite and wireless internet as spotty, where the receiver would send out signals in chunks, and so you'd receive information in chunks. You could not get a seamless connection, and as a result, you had limited options. 

You could not have used video communication, for example, because your upload speed would not allow it. 

Gen5 is not that type of internet. HughesNet is offering the best of the best in the twenty-first-century satellite internet

HughesNet Satellite Internet v. Viasat Satellite Internet

HughesNet is not the only Satellite Internet provider on the market. Viasat is their biggest competitor, offering comparable service via the same technology. 

Here's information for Viasat: 

  • 12 Mbps of download speed for $70 a month
  • 25 Mbps of download speed for $100 a month
  • 30 Mbps fo download speed for $150 a month

Viasat offers its service with a free modem as well just like HughesNet. They also claim to have no data caps. However, Viasat has a smaller coverage area, reaching just 49 states when HughesNet reaches all 50 and Puerto Rico. 

Viasat also offers bundles with 330-plus channels of Direct TV service. Their service, however, requires a two-year contract, so you're locked into their internet and television service for two years. 

HughesNet offers standard 25 Mbps of speed for anywhere in the United States for $40 up to $130 a month, depending on the amount of data you want. They offer as little as 10 GB and as high as 50 GB of data. 

HughesNet does not include TV in their plan, and they do have a data limit. However, they do not shut your internet off if you go over the limit. They do not have a data cap, but rather they charge you for minimal service once you surpass your limit. 

HughesNet offers a free modem like Viasat, and they have a two-year mandatory contract as well. 

Does Satellite Internet Have Data Caps?

If you love your internet, you understand the difficulty of data caps. A data cap means that the company will turn off your internet once you go over your limit. They cap your data. 

Basic satellite internet data caps do exist, but not with HughesNet. 

Back in the day, internet service providers would add a limit to their plans. They wanted to keep people from clogging the internet all at once, so they put limitations on the amount of data individuals could use. 

They shared the data among the consumers. 

Hard data caps allowed people to get the speed and reliability they needed until they reached their limit. Once you reached your limit, the company shut off your internet and you had to wait until the next month for service. You could regain service if you paid more for more data. 


This hard-line approach is known as a hard data cap. 

A soft data cap is a different way of dealing with data. Soft data caps allow you to keep your access to the internet even when you reach your limit. 

HughesNet uses soft data caps.  So, if you're paying for 30 gigs of data, and you reach 30 gigs by the 20th of the month, HughesNet will not shut off our internet. Rather, they'll allow you to keep using your internet, but they will slow down your speed. 

They will also charge you for the overage.  So, you'll still have the internet, just not at the speed you want. 

Look at the Sky for Connections

Our quarantine, the home-bound world has left us more hungry than ever for a solid connection to life. HughesNet Internet is one of the solutions to this problem. Even the most remote consumer now has access to a reliable internet connection thanks to the magic of satellite internet. 

For all of your internet needs, take a moment to learn more about us. We can help you compare plans and providers, to help you find the best solution for all of your internet needs.