Is Hughesnet Available in Fort Worth, Texas?

Is Hughesnet Available in Fort Worth, Texas?

Are the Hughesnet plans and pricing worth it for someone living in Fort Worth, Forest Hill, Richland Hills, Arlington, Burleson, Keller and surrounding areas in Texas? Let's figure it out by using this Hughesnet satellite internet overview.

Is Hughesnet Available in Fort Worth, Texas?

Never before in modern history has reliable internet mattered as much as it does today. As of March 2020, approximately 5 million people or 3.6 percent of the American workforce worked from home. Even more interesting, over 50 percent of the American workforce has the capability of working from home. 

For people to bring their work home, they need reliable internet. 

Keep reading to learn about HughesNet plans and pricing along with why HughesNet internet is a viable solution for people living in the Fort Worth area. 

HughesNet Coverage

Over twenty companies provide internet service to the Fort Worth area. But HughesNet is one of only two providers that cover 100 percent of the city. Not only does HughesNet cover Fort Worth but also the following surrounding cities:



The broad coverage HughesNet provides is a direct product of the type of internet HughesNet provides.

HughesNet is a satellite internet company. The Internet traditionally comes through a telephone line, a fiber optic line, or a cable coming from a provider to your home. Satellite internet works differently.  That is why the coverage for HughesNet is so dense, they can provide internet service in Forest Hill just like they can in Richland hills and Keller.  Internet service in places like Arlington or Haltom City can range from cable services to fiber internet but that doesn’t mean that those services cover the entire area.  This is why HughesNet is such a great service.  They fill in the gaps where the other providers missed with regard to highspeed internet service.  HughesNet takes a “no man left behind” approach to internet service making sure almost all of the united states has the ability to get online and partake in their favorite movies, shows and websites.  


With satellite internet, your computer sends a request for a webpage to a satellite over 20,000 miles away in space. The satellite then sends a signal to the Hughes Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC locates your requested website. 

The website sends information to the NOC, and the NOC sends the information to the satellite, and the satellite sends the information back to your computer via a HughesNet dish and modem. 

This communication happens over tens of thousands of miles but takes a fraction of a second to occur. 

Because the satellite receiving the signal always matches the Earth's period of rotation, it remains in the same place over the Earth. This means that just about anyone with a view of the sky can receive the internet via HughesNet, and thus HughesNet can provide internet to anyone in the United States. 

This broad coverage makes HughesNet one of the best internet providers on the market. Even ranchers living in the most remote parts of the rural Fort Worth area can receive coverage. 

HughesNet Plans and Pricing

Even before the COVID-19 crisis that led to internet companies offering tremendous deals, HughesNet was offering some pretty sweet packages. The best HughesNet deals for 2020 gave clients perks like refer-a-friend bonuses and a free modem when they sign up for HughesNet's newest 5G services. 

The price of Internet service all depends on the HughesNet speed and data you need. Even then, when you order one amount of data, satellite internet data caps give you some leeway by allow you to go over your limit. Typically, the ISP just reduces your speed when you go over. 

With HughesNet, you can receive the following data for the following prices: 

  • 10 GB of data for $59.99 a month.
  • 20 GB of data for $69.99 a month
  • 30 GB of data for $99.99 a month
  • 50 GB of data for $149.99 a month

HughesNet 5g plans promise to deliver internet up to 25 Mbps, which means you have the speed you need for anything from basic internet surfing to streaming movies. 

Which Plan Should You Pick? 

So, which plan works best for you? You do not want to pick too low of a data limit only to find yourself out of data and then with super slow internet halfway through the month. HughesNet pricing depends on the amount of data you use each month

With 10 GB of data, you can stream up to 15 hours of DVD-quality video a month. You could stream 140 hours of audio or 5 hours of HD-quality video. You could browse 5,000 webpages or enjoy 30 hours of social media. 

So, with 10 GB, you could spend an hour on social media a day but not stream movies at night. 

With 20 GB, you can stream up to 280 hours of audio. You could stream 30 hours of DVD-quality video or 10 hours of HD-quality video. You could browse 10,000 webpages or enjoy 60 hours of social media. 

If you consider yourself an average internet user, 20 GB is a good plan. 

30 GB plan works well for families. If your family enjoys watching movies or if you have kids who use the internet, this plan may work well for you. 

With 30 GB, you can stream 420 hours of audio. You can stream 45 hours of DVD-quality video or 15 hours of HD-quality video. You can also browse 15,000 web pages or spend 90 hours on social media. 

50 GB plan exists for heavy internet users. If you spend copious amounts of time on the internet or if your job requires you to be on the internet, then you will need a 50 GB plan. 

With 50 GB of data, you can stream 720 hours of audio. You can stream 75 hours of DVD-quality video or 25 hours of HD-quality video. You could browse 25,000 webpages or enjoy 150 hours of social media. 

Reasons to Pick HughesNet

HughesNet Gen5 is HughesNet's newest high-speed satellite Internet service. HughesNet boasts of providing high-speed internet to any United States resident with a vide of the southern sky, even if they've never had an option for high-speed. explains how HughesNet provides fast internet to every customer regardless of your data plan. Everyone receives a speed of up to 25 Mbps download speed. 

Fort Worth residents love HughesNet speeds and the company's available-anywhere promise. People can continue to live where they love without compromising internet service. They can still see the sunrise on the rural Texas horizon and connect to work, friends, and family via a reliable, fast internet connection. 

HughesNet also offers built-in wi-fi. Customers can connect multiple devices wirelessly throughout their homes with HughesNet built-in wi-fi modem. 

For these reasons, HughesNet claims to be America's top choice for satellite internet. 

Look to the Sky for Solutions

Basic HughesNet plans and pricing compares well with other Fort Worth internet service providers. HughesNet offers fast internet for competitive pricing and broader coverage than most companies have. This makes them a viable if not a great option for both businesses and residents in the Fort Worth area. 

Learn more about the best internet for Fort Worth businesses and residences. We can help you find the best internet solutions. Learn more about us by visiting our site and checking out which internet works best for your particular Fort Worth zip code.