The modern Internet bundle is right at your fingertips

The modern Internet bundle is right at your fingertips

Fast and reliable connectivity underpins many modern smart homes and you’ll get the robust WiFi you need to keep all that tech running smoothly.

If you think about your media consumption, chances are your habits have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. 

Firstly, chances are you’ll demand internet access at home. According to Pew Research Center, 90% of adult Americans now use the internet. The same study shows almost 75% of US households have a broadband connection.

Fast and reliable connectivity underpins many modern smart homes and you’ll get the robust WiFi you need to keep all that tech running smoothly. 

A brisk internet connection is also vital if you want to use streaming services in place of cable TV. 

As an added complication when you’re shopping for services at home, you have the phone to consider.

Suddenly, then, you could need to deal with multiple providers and take care of several monthly bills.

It doesn’t need to be that way, though…

The Modern Internet Bundle: Powerful Triple-Play Packages 

Most of the principal internet providers give you the chance to take care of all your communication and entertainment needs with the best home internet deals.

With triple-play packages, you will get:

  • Internet

  • TV

  • Phone Service

As with any comprehensive package like this, you’ll qualify for a discount and you should get unlimited nationwide calls as standard. Essentially, bundling your services can save you time and money if you get it right.

We would suggest you think closely before launching into any commitment like this. You should also start by carefully analyzing your needs.

To give you some inspiration, we’ll briefly highlight the benefits of three leading internet bundles so you can see if any would make a good fit.

Best Internet Bundle for TV

If you prioritize a wide choice of TV viewing, AT&T serve up 550 channels so there’s something for all the family.

Monthly prices come in anywhere from $55 to $230 depending on the contents of the chosen bundle.

Opt for the DIRECTV package and you’ll get an HD DVR from Genie thrown in along with hundreds of channels. When combined with AT&T internet, you’ve got a powerful combination. Alternatively, sign up for fiber TV bundles offering enormous choice and great reliability.

AT&T Fiber promises gigabit-speed internet. Speeds of the standard packages are still fairly brisk. Throw in class-leading TV content and all you need to do is choose your bundle.

Best Bundle for Internet Speed

For anyone prizing high internet speed above all else, Verizon Fios Home Internet promises some of the quickest speeds nationwide.

With download speeds from 100 to 940 Mbps and fairly impressive upload speeds, Verizon internet should satisfy a large family of heavy users.

Bundles including internet and TV range from $89.99 per month to $169.99 monthly. With Fios TV, you get 125 to 425+ channels so you’ll never get caught short.

The only real drawback of this exclusively fiber network is an ambiguous policy concerning data caps. We’d suggest speaking to the customer service representative to make sure you’re getting the package you need without the risk of your speeds being throttled for excessive usage.

Best Bundle Overall

To round out, one of the best all-rounders for internet bundles is Xfinity, the largest cable TV and internet provider.

With swift speeds to 275 Mbps and over 250 TV channels, you don’t get a huge choice of packages but the three options are all effective and come in from $119.99 monthly to $159.99 monthly for TV and internet combined. 

Final Thoughts

You should use these ideas as a starting point if you’re struggling to find internet bundles then focus on the best options in your area. 

Focus on location first then double down on what you need included and what you feel is most important, whether that’s internet speed, channel selection, or ease of cancellation. With those elements dialed in, you should easily find a package catering for all your requirements.