Rise Broadband's Top 7 Cities in the United States

Rise Broadband's Top 7 Cities in the United States

Rise Broadband offers services in 19 states, but there are 7 cities that will benefit from Rise Broadband. Click here to see if your city is mentioned!

Rise Broadband's Top 7 Cities in the United Sates

When you live in the biggest state in the nation, where the sky spreads farther than your eyes can see, you tend to believe everything is better in your state, even the internet.

Nearly 80 percent of homes in Texas have subscriptions to broadband internet. Like the communities of the 19th century that had railways, the communities with reliable internet are the ones that will survive. The internet is our modern-day railroad.

Rise Broadband is one internet provider that thrives in Texas, providing hundreds of thousands of people with reliable, fast internet.

Keep reading to learn about the topic cities in the United States, and Texas, in particular, served by the Rise Broadband company.

What is Rise Broadband?

Rise Broadband has been providing fixed, wireless internet since 2015 when they acquired Internet America. Rise serves residents and businesses in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and 16 other states.

Residents who have leaned on traditional cable services in the past love Rise Broadband Traditional cable services do not offer the speeds that fixed wireless networking does.

Also, businesses love the flexibility of advanced fixed wireless networking.

Rise serves wide coverage areas including one with a population of 25.7 million people.

What is Fixed Wireless Technology?

When people hear the words "wireless," they typically think of satellite or Wi-Fi internet. Fixed wireless is not this. It's a completely different type of network.

Instead of a device shooting a signal into a satellite in space, with a fixed wireless signal, the wireless device shoots signal to a fixed point within a few miles of the subscriber.

So imagine a cable connection where a wire runs from one point to another point. With a fixed wireless connection, the signal runs from one point to another. The result is a concentrated signal that outpaces cable and fiber with gigabit speeds.

Rise Broadband has risen to the top of their game because of their flexibility. All you need is a clear line of sight to a Rise Broadband access point. Then a technician can install your device and point the wireless device to the access point.

No one needs to dig cable to your home or drill holes in your wall. They just need a clear line of sight.

So companies with multiple locations love fixed wireless because they can easily install connections between their locations. They can even connect to data centers in their area.

Rise Broadband's Top 7 Cities

Rise Broadband comes from a parent company JAB Wireless, Inc. This is a telecom corporation specifically focused on wireless connectivity. Before 2020, the company had several different brand names. As of late, though, their residential and business fixed wireless services all fall under the "Rise Broadband" brand.

Before 2015, the companies that made up Rise Broadband went by names like Skybeam, Digis, and Prairie iNet.

So when you look for internet near me, if you come across an older site, you might find these labels rather than Rise Broadband. Still, Rise offers reliable, fast internet to several major cities in the United States. In fact, Rise is the largest fixed wireless provider in the country.

They offer fixed wireless internet access in 19 different states including services in 3,700 zip codes nationwide. The following cities are the seven largest cities Rise serves.

1. San Antonio, Texas: Rise covers nearly 44 percent of the San Antonio area.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada: Rise covers nearly 48 percent of Las Vegas.

3. Dallas, Texas: Rise covers 76 percent of the Dallas area.

4. Fort Worth, Texas: Forth Worth residents have a 77 percent availability with Rise.

5. Salt Lake City, Utah: Rise covers nearly 90 percent of the Salt Lake City area.

6. Denver, Colorado: Rise has a 57 percent availability in the Denver area.

7. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Rise covers nearly 40 percent of Colorado Springs.

Internet Service Providers Near You in Texas

With the current COVID-19 crisis, more people than ever are perusing the internet. Surfing has gone up as people seek a daily dose of the internet.

Rise Broadband has risen to the surface of internet providers with affordable plans and prices for all of their service areas plus plenty of high-speed options for their various service areas.

Plans, Prices, and Speed

Plans and prices vary from as low as nearly $40 a month and download speeds of 5 Mbps up to $70 a month for 20 Mbps. Here's the breakdown.

  • Economy Internet package: $42.95 a month with download speeds of 5 Mbps
  • Preferred Internet package: $52.95 a month; download speeds of 10 Mbps
  • Breakout Internet package: $62.95 a month with download speeds of 15 Mbps
  • Breakout Premier package: $72.95 a month; download speeds of 20 Mbps

Rise also gives the option of adding a digital phone (their Active Phone) for $19.95 a month with any internet package. If you sign up for a two-year agreement, you can add a phone for just $9.95 a month.

Businesses have the option of plans that range from $59.95 a month up to $109.95 a month.

Plus, Rise Broadband offers a PC Care Service Plan. They will troubleshoot both your hardware and software errors. They even provide fine tune-ups that will find and remove viruses, spyware, and malware.


Rise Broadbrand has wide availability throughout Texas. Because they're a fixed wireless provider, they can hook you up to the internet with little to no work on their part.

Wired services require a technician to come out and dig a cable to your house. It costs money, and you have to deal with the legal issues of street space and access poles.

Fixed wireless like what Rise provides needs just a line of sight from one point to another. Thus Rise has broad coverage throughout Texas.

Businesses love them because they just need a line of sight from one building to another. As long as your buildings are within a few miles of each other, you can have quick and reliable wireless internet.

Rise serves major metropolitan areas like Dallas/Fort Worth, Waco, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, S. Central Texas, and Austin.

Should You Switch Internet Providers?

If you're wondering about your own service, check out your options. Texans have choices like SPECTRUM, AT&T, Viasat, Hughesnet, and Rise Broadband internet. Each one of these services has its strengths, so you need to research which works best for you in your particular area.

Rise Broadband Reviews

As far as Rise Broadband goes, they typically get some pretty high ratings. Businesses love them because of their flexibility and residents love them because of their low-cost installation.

Consider Going Wireless

If you've always had wired internet and are not happy with it today, consider going wireless. Rise Broadband offers a great solution for those who are tired of the problems that cable internet brings to the house.

For more information about internet options in your neighborhood, visit our website. Learn about us so we can help hook you up to the information highway.