San Antonio Austin Corridor Broadband Options

Whether you're relocating to the San Antonio Austin corridor, or are already living here but need the best internet provider in the area, we can offer some great suggestions. Our database of the best local internet deals ensures you'll always end up with some of the fastest internet out there, for less than you might think.

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Whether you're relocating to the San Antonio Austin corridor, or are already living here but need the best internet provider in the area, we can offer some great suggestions. Our database of the best local internet deals ensures you'll always end up with some of the fastest internet out there, for less than you might think.

Compare internet providers in San Antonio and the surrounding area to find the option that's going to work best for your circumstances.


Depending on what you're looking for, there are some great internet plans in Boerne. (Trust me, I actually live here) If cost is a consideration, the fastest internet service currently available belongs to AT&T fiber internet which boast speeds of up to 1000 mbps. Now if you are further in the hill country and AT&T internet isn't an option, Satellite internet service like Viasat and Hughesnet are great options.  Satellite internet service usually has lower speeds and data caps but is absolutely a good option for those who prefer to live outside of the city.  

If speed is a consideration, you'll want to opt for the AT&T Internet package. At $49.99 a month, this package delivers a super-fast 300mgps, way ahead of the next speediest (Metronet - $49.95 a month for 200mbps upload and download speed).

Other providers in the area include  DIRECTV, VIASAT, HughesNet, Spectrum, and Rise Broadband

New Braunfels

For residents who want internet providers in New Braunfels that offer a good level of customer care, Centurylink and AT&T are both 4-star options, putting them near the top of the pile when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Spectrum internet's  promotional rate of $29.99/ month for the first twelve months is by far the cheapest price, but with a download speed of a blazing fast 100 mbps, it's going to be the fastest and best internet option available in New Braunfels. 

If you want speed, we recommend AT&T. Not only is their 300mgps speed very respectable, they also offer TV as part of their monthly package rate of $49.99.


Do you have a preference for how your internet is delivered to your home? The main types of internet package are DSL, Fiber, Cable, and Satellite options. DSL and cable internet are most commonly available in Schertz. Providers include AT&T, Viasat, Hughesnet and  Spectrum. The only downside of DSL or cable is that the bandwidths are relatively narrow, which means speed can be an issue at times, particularly if there are a number of subscribers in Schertz who all share your cable bandwidth.

If you're not sure which provider is going to give you the best internet service in Schertz, we're always happy to talk through your options with you.

Satellite internet providers such as DirecTV or ViaSat may be laggy at times. Fiber broadband provision is rare, and not currently available in Schertz.

Schertz is an up-and-coming town that's currently undergoing an urban revival. If you're looking for a neighborhood on the way up, Schertz ticks all the right boxes.

San Marcos

Commentators expect that San Marcos, along with New Braunfels, is likely to be a powerhouse for growth and innovation in the San Antonio Austin corridor. 

It's expected that soon San Marcos is going blend into the other towns and cities in the corridor, contributing to the vibrant nature of the corridor.

Whilst the fastest internet service in San Marcos is probably available from AT&T at the current time, it's likely that the continuing growth of the corridor will encourage providers to invest in more internet infrastructure in the area. This means that new arrivals to San Marcos are likely to enjoy ever-improving broadband services at time goes on.

Canyon Lake

Enjoying a beautiful location on the Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake is a stunning town to live in. A hub for watersports and fishing, its recreational facilities and low crime rate means it's a perfect place to relocate to. 

Canyon Lake benefits from some good schools and a low crime rate. Popular with retirees, it's also a desirable location for families. 

The town enjoys excellent broadband coverage from many well-known internet providers, such as COX, DirecTV, HughesNet, and MediaCom.


Buda is a town that has managed to retain its character, at the same time as updating its image and facilities to provide everything needed for a good quality of life in the 21st Century. 

There has been a considerable amount of development recently, with new houses providing plenty of options for new arrivals.

When it comes to the best internet service in Buda, you'll be spoiled for choice! With prices starting from less than $20 a month, and broadband speeds of up to 300mgps available, there's an internet provider that's suitable for everyone in Buda.


Looking for the best internet service near me in Kyle? There's plenty of choice from well-known providers in the local area.

Part of the Mountain City conurbation, Kyle is a relatively undeveloped part of the corridor that has enormous potential. If you're moving to Kyle now, it's likely that property prices in the area will rise significantly as redevelopment gets underway. 


Packed with historical attractions and beautiful parks, Roundrock is an attractive location that's a great place to spend time in. Famed for its Roundrock Do-nuts, the town also boasts a stunning selection of designer outlets and the mighty Round Rock Express.

New inhabitants of Roundrock can look forward to a good quality of life and plenty of facilities, including some great deals on broadband access and some of the fastest internet options anywhere in the state.

Broadband providers serving Roundrock include DSL, cable, and satellite providers. Whether you want a deal on just broadband or are looking for a package that includes TV and phone, there are some great offers available in Roundrock.

Get in touch with the team here at Konecteaze to discover the best internet deals for residents in the San Antonio Austin corridor.

At & T Internet Services, San Antonio

What are you waiting for? Check the available AT & T Internet Providers in your area through KonnectEaze and enjoy the most reliable internet services.

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AT & T is one of the renowned Internet Service Providers in the US. Established in the year 1983, today AT & T has become the most reliable, secure, and high-speed Internet provider company in the US. It is available in 21 states of the US and delivers most of San Antonio with its assured Internet plans and features.


Salient Features of At & T Internet Services  


  1. AT & T offers a wide range of Internet Services that includes Fiber Optic, DSL Internet, and Fixed Wireless plans apart from the plans that bundle TV and phones with the Internet. DSL covers 94.2% of the city, while fiber optics covers 53.1% of San Antonio. Fixed Wireless plans are specifically for people living in remote areas.
  1. AT & T features plans with good download and upload speeds that allow work faster without any break-offs. It indicates comparatively speedy Internet to work or browse for multiple users.
  1. At & T Smart Home Manager App for Wi-Fi and connected devices let you manage the access through your fingertips.
  1. No Data Caps in AT & T Internet Services allows you to surf whatever you want without restrictions.
  1. One essential feature of AT & T services is its Wi-Fi Hotspots that enable you to stay connected with the help of 30,000+ HotSpots all over the nation.
  1. At & T is the most suitable ISPs for families or multiple users due to its strong, secure, and high-quality Internet Services.


Reasons why AT & T is the most Loved Internet Services


  1. Stable, Persistent Connection – Most people experience low internet speeds, that’s too at peak hours which affects their work terribly. AT & T lets you stay productive with stable, persistent connections even at prime hours.
  1. No Yearly Agreement – AT & T offers plans, that are unrestricted from yearly contracts or long-term promises and set you free to make changes anytime.
  1. Leading in Customer Satisfaction – AT & T Internet Services have topped the rankings in customer satisfaction consistently. Customers using Fiber Optic Cable connections have shown a higher level of satisfaction with AT & T services.


So, what are you waiting for? Check the available AT & T Internet Providers in your area through KonnectEaze and enjoy the most reliable internet services.

Looking for the Fastest Internet? Everything You Need to Know

Finding the fastest Internet service in San Antonio- Austin area can be quite a challenge. You wade through dozens of websites that promise the world only to discover the internet service you want isn't available, is too expensive or just not fast enough. If only there was an easier option.

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Did you know that 86% of urban areas in the US have access to broadband compared to 81% in rural areas?

The country ranks 11th in the world for broadband speeds yet many users get left behind. That's in part to fiber broadband installations which usually happen within the cities. But what about areas that can't get access to high-speeds?

This article reveals how you can get the fastest Internet possible no matter what city, state, or community you're in.

Read on to discover the benefits of Rise Broadband Internet. Discover how affordable Rise Broadband prices can be. And connect to the Internet speeds you deserve.

What Is Broadband Internet?

Gone are the days of dial-up modems and files taking hours to download.

Modern broadband Internet offers a high-speed connection to the online world. Speeds are measured in Mbps or megabits per second. The higher the number the faster your Internet experience.

Although there's no standard definition of a base broadband speed, aim to reach double-digits. For example, you can download a 10MB file on a 20Mbp connection in under ten seconds.

You'll need an Internet service provider or ISP to get connected. However, they all charge different prices for different speeds. And not all ISPs will cover your location.

Fastest Internet Speeds With Rise Broadband

One of the best broadband providers is Rise Broadband.

Located in Dallas, Texas, Rise Broadband provides fixed wireless Internet services. Whether you live in a rural or urban setting you can connect from any device.

Rise will install an antenna on your roof and attach a radio receiver. Their hardware connects to a local Access Point tower which in turn links to a fiber junction box. This produces low latency/delays compared to options like satellite.

Rise Internet speeds range from 1Mpbs up to 1Gbps.

They serve a sixteen states that include twenty-six million American homes and businesses. If you can access a minimum of 5Mpbs you can use Rise Broaband's fastest Internet service for HD video streaming. 

Rise Broadband Prices

Rise Broadband has the fastest Internet deal to suit every budget. Three popular high-speed options include:

  • Rise Broadband Internet Only 25 Unlimited
  • Rise Broadband 50 Internet Only
  • Rise Broadband Internet Only

The Unlimited deal costs $54.95 per month and includes an unlimited amount of downloads. Speeds average 25Mbps and there are no set-up fees.

The 50 Internet Only option grants you speeds of up to 50Mbps for $44.95p/m. That price includes 250GB of data usage and the modem costs $10.99 p/m.

Find the Fastest Broadband Service With KonectEaze 

Finding the fastest Internet service is never fun. You wade through dozens of websites that promise the world only to discover they don't cover your area. If only there was an easier option.

KonectEaze lets you find the perfect ISP by simply entering your location.

Our results display download and upload speeds along with pricing and contract lengths. We even show how long it would take to download a movie and 50 photos.

Try our service today and contact Rise Broadband for the best deal.

ATT Infographic

Internet access in the US varies from state to state and provider to provider. Here are stats to some of the most popular internet providers around today.

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Moving Soon? Here's the Best Time for Setting up Internet Installation Services

If you're planning a relocation, whether you're switching providers or transferring service to your new location, find out the best time for setting up internet

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Moving Soon? Here's the Best Time for Setting up Internet Services

If you're moving soon and are experiencing a little stress on how to pack up and start relocating, you're far from alone. According to recent statistics, about 35.5 million Americans pack their bags and move to a new house each year.

One of the most stressful and essential things about moving to a new home is knowing how and when to start setting up internet there. Several factors go into deciding when internet installation needs to take place, including knowing the specific situation that you're in, the options available to you in your new location, and what providers work best for your individual needs.

Here, we're going to take an in-depth look at some of these essential factors so that you get a clearer picture of when you need to begin installing internet in your new home. Read on to make your moving experience as seamless and stress-free as possible!

Knowing Your Situation

The first thing that you need to consider when deciding when to set up an internet connection is the specific situation and circumstances of your move. Internet options are going to differ based on your location and point that you're at in the moving process. Read on to begin thinking about some aspects of relocation that you'll need to consider!

What Internet Options Are There?

Generally, you have two options when it comes to internet: satellite and cable.

Satellite internet can be accessed from anywhere in the US. It's basically a communications service that's provided through a series of three wireless satellites that work together to bring a connection to your home. In rural areas, this may be your only option since there aren't internet lines everywhere. It's slower and performs fewer functions than cable internet does, but it's something, and it works. It also takes a bit of time to set up, so you'll need to call a provider a few weeks before moving.

In more populated areas, you're likely to have internet options via cable. These are often of superior quality because they connect to a series of digital lines closer to your home than the satellites are. Cable is faster and more efficient, but it costs more than satellite internet does. It also isn't available in many areas of the US.

Cable internet can be set up much faster than satellite can. It will likely only take a couple of days to get it up and running at home. As a result, you can worry about this while you relocate rather than before you do so.

Where Are You Relocating To?

Because cable internet isn't offered everywhere, you're going to need to do specific research on the place that you're moving to. If you're headed to a less populated area, you're unlikely to have as many options as you would in a big city.

If you live in an area that has satellite internet exclusively, you're going to need to set it up sooner rather than later. It takes about two weeks to install these services, so you'll want to plan accordingly. If you wait until the later steps of your move, you're likely to find yourself without internet for a few weeks.

Other Factors to Consider in Setting Up Internet

In addition to considering the location you're moving to, you'll need to think about your lifestyle and the urgency of your need for an online connection. Read on to get some ideas of what lifestyle factors may cause you to need an internet connection more quickly than you otherwise would.

Do You Need to Work at Home?

If you work at home, you'll need to set up your internet immediately. Not doing so can cause a huge financial strain on you at one of the worst possible times. Moving costs can be pretty high, and you'll need a way to pay them off.

Make sure that you contact an internet provider early- possibly before you even begin to move- and ask them to set up WiFi at your new place. If you wait a long time, you're also more likely to forget to contact them. This could be detrimental to your work life, so get on top of your internet now!