6 Parts of Comic Book Prestige

6 Parts of Comic Book Prestige

If you’ve heard of comic books,then you were meant to buy one. Finding a legitimate print comic book is hard... and carries so much prestige.

If you’ve heard of comic books, then you were meant to buy one. Long before Paul Rudd donned the Ant-Man suit, Robert Downy Jr. the Iron Man armor, Brie Larson the Captain Marvel suit, and Chadwick Boseman the Vibranium suit of Black Panther, there were comic books. These simple collections of panels and word bubbles were the precursors to some of the greatest movies ever made. More importantly, they would have never existed had it not been for some of the greatest storytellers to ever live. Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and many more got their start in comic books. Their imagination and ideas gave voice and body to what we consider “heroes.” Thanks to the rise of digital readers, movies, and video games, it’s hard to find a legitimate print comic book. Which is why owning a print comic book carries with it a certain amount of prestige. You don’t get this type of prestige from playing a game or watching a movie and television. It comes from the experience of reading a comic book itself.


A comic book is more than a comic book the same way a car is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. Cars say something about the person who drives them. Comic books say something about the person reading them. Unlike video games and movies, which you play and can only talk about or watch clips of, comic books can be shared with others. The stories on the page can speak to people in different ways and this can open the door for a much wider range of conversation. And you’ll still have time to catch the latest movie or game.

The Look

You’ve heard of a pair of shoes that make an outfit? The same is true of a comic book. They set the newbies apart from the true enthusiasts. Be careful here. Don’t go out and buy one comic book and carry it around thinking this will set you apart. It may work for a little while, but soon everyone will catch on. Not to mention other true enthusiasts will figure it out and you’ll be called out as a fake. So fair warning.


The average price of a comic book ranges between $4-$6, and graphic novels running about $20 per collection. Thanks to their cost-effective nature they provide more entertainment than movies and video games.


There are Marvel and DC, the two biggest names in comic books right now. It’s easy to attach yourself to one over the other, as there are those who read only one comic publisher and nothing else. But don’t limit yourself too early. There are other titles out there that are just as entertaining as the latest Captain America. Try out Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Antarctic Press, Top Cow Productions, and Aspen Comics, to name a few. These provide rich stories and high-quality art that too many in the mainstream ignore.


Just like your smartphone, you need to take care of your comic books. Unlike your smartphone, they’re easier to take care of. Just don’t get them wet and store them on a shelf when you’re not using them. No Charge cords needed.


Of the many status symbols out there, few match comic books. By purchasing the latest issue of The X-Men, Superman, even Fathom, you’re signaling to the wider world, without shouting, that you’re part of an elite club. The club that reads the newest stories before they become movies.

How Do You Join this Elite Club?

The good news is that joining this club is easy. There may not be a comic book store conveniently located nearby, but you can go online to find honest and friendly comic book resellers. Mycomicshop.com, Mile High Comics, Midtown Comics, and Things From Another World are online comic shops that will take care of you. Simply visit their home pages to check out the newest issues and any deals they have going on. Every comic shop will have the newest issues available, but the good ones will have a wide selection of back issues, issues that were published already. Any extra issues that don’t sell end up here and a large amount of them will sell for decent prices. If you’re looking for that specific issue you missed, then you’re in luck with an online comic shop. You’ll have to do a little research to find which issue you’re looking for, but you’ll most likely find it. If it’s a rare issue, be prepared to pay extra. Thanks to back issues, if you miss the latest issue, you’ll be able to catch up or get up to speed on the backstory of what’s happening with your favorite titles.

Prestige Awaits You

It takes time to build up knowledge, and by extension, prestige. Therefore, the sooner you start, the better. You can even stream newest issues of titles from the major comic book publishers. Before you do, make sure you have the best connections at the best prices by checking out the best Spectrum internet packages. In no time at all, you’ll be reading up on the newest and greatest superheroes from the comfort of your own smartphone. Better yet, have them delivered to your door! Those around you will be envious of your prestige!