Switching to a Hobby

Switching to a Hobby

Who'd have thought that a Marine would learn knitting while on active duty? This odd pastime reveals much more about the benefits of a hobby.

The United States Marine Corps is known for their tough attitude and warrior ethos. Marines are trained to fight and to endure the toughest of conditions. Imagine my surprise when a friend of mine, while an active-duty Marine, detailed that it was here, amid the most ardent defenders of our Nation, that he learned to knit. Knitting? I was much younger at the time and very ignorant, so I laughed. He smiled back and told me it was therapeutic. Even ten years later he’s still knitting as a pastime. Part of the reason, as it was explained to me, was because the action of knitting put his mind at ease and kept his hands busy, causing his body to relax. It’s still unclear to me if this was part of his boot camp training or he’d learned it from another Marine. What is clear is the concept of a hobby that provides respite and comfort.

Good for the Body

When the nerves are jangling, or something is keeping your mind occupied, a hobby is a good way to distract yourself. There is the argument that taking your focus off the problem won’t help you find an answer, this isn’t true. By keeping our mind locked in on a problem that we’re trying to fix, we’re using up all our brain power, and not allowing our mind to process what’s going on. Taking our focus off an issue, even for a short time, allows the creative side of our minds to handle it while the front of our brains can handle something else. Therefore, the advice to “sleep on it” is so helpful. Our minds will bounce the issue around our subconscious while our bodies get some rest. Upon waking the creative side has had a chance to come up with possible solutions. The downside is sometimes our problems crop up in our dreams. For the Marine mentioned above, knitting distracted him from issues he was facing and allowed him to keep a cool head. Hobbies, by and large, have this effect on us. This distraction is helpful as we’re able to distance ourselves from problems in our lives, our jobs, and with our families. But there are more benefits to hobbies, for now, let’s focus on implementing one.

Switching to a Hobby

The Switch Framework is helpful when it comes to implementing a new hobby into your life. First, find a hobby you enjoy. This is how you’ll motivate the elephant. Once you’ve figured out a pastime that you look forward to, head to the internet to find resources. With its ability to connect people all over the world, the internet is a great place to find fellow enthusiasts. These hobbyists are always eager to lend a helping hand, give advice, or share ideas with their passions. This is how you’re direct the rider and shape the path. There’s a hidden benefit to all this. As the internet of today seems to be a swamp filled with angry people all eager to scream their opinions, as well as blast those of others, hobbyists are the opposite. Instead of trying to scare or berate, hobbyists instead are eager to “talk shop.” It’s not about winning a political debate for them, it’s about helping a fellow enthusiast enjoy the craft.

Which Hobby to Pick?

Much like my marine friend, there are hobbies that occupy the hands; knitting, crochet, basket weaving, etc. There’s also hobbies for history buffs, kids, crafty people, outdoor adventure seekers, sports junkies, music lovers, nature lovers, families, hobbies to sharpen your mind, and also, hobbies that can earn you money. The key here is to find something that you like to do, is relatively easy to get started, and can fit into your schedule. The scheduling part will be hard at first, as you’re going to be figuring out the nuances of the hobby, as well as how it fits into the nuances of your life. Refer back to the Switch Framework, as well as relying on your fellow enthusiasts to keep you going. Getting started is the most exciting part of a hobby and can also be the hardest. Once the newness wears off, sticking with it can get difficult. This may also be a sign that this hobby isn’t for you. That’s okay. Just as it’s important to find what you like, it’s also important to find out what you don’t like.

Connect to a Bigger Network

Finding a network of fellow hobbyists can make all the difference between discovering, and sticking, with a new hobby. New worlds await you as you begin your search for your new hobby. Before you do, check out the best Spectrum internet bundles. By bundling your internet you can secure a better connection as well as save some cash for that new hobby!