How to Negotiate a Price Cut or New Deal With Your Internet Provider

How to Negotiate a Price Cut or New Deal With Your Internet Provider

The cost of high speed internet service has steadily risen over the past several years but even more so for customers who stay loyal to their internet service providers. Few customers realize that there are certain powers you have as a consumer that can help you leverage a better price for your internet service.

How to Negotiate a Price Cut or New Deal With Your Internet Provider

Is your broadband bill higher than usual this month?

It’s not unusual in an uncompetitive broadband market like the one we have. Internet service providers have been hiking up their prices year after year, taking full advantage of the lack of choices consumers face. You may not have the best internet, fastest internet or best internet deal but that doesn't mean you can't.   

The cost of an internet connection may be falling elsewhere, but it definitely isn’t in the US. A mere 25 Mbps connection in the state of New York costs almost double of what consumers are paying in London, UK!

Here’s what many consumers don’t know — the price of your internet isn’t set in stone, it is possible to negotiate and bring it down! 

Consider the following:

1.   Your Internet Service Provider doesn’t want to lose you

There may only be a few players in the broadband market which gives them some leverage, but at the end of the day, it’s the customers that help them make money. Failing to satisfy customers means their bottom line takes a hit. 

Even in an uncompetitive market, ISPs have to value their customers, so if you have a bone to pick with them, get on the phone and let them know. They’ll much rather accommodate your needs than lose you as a customer altogether. 

Haggling with profit-driven internet service providers comes down to two main things:

·      Being prepared to cancel services so the rep has to make counteroffers

·      Being incredibly patient and polite to not irk the representative on the line

2.   Know Your Situation

You won’t be able to make your point without knowing your situation. You need a clear picture of your account’s standing in order to convince the other party in your favor. 

This will be a lot easier if you pay your monthly bills on time and when you’re nearing the end of your contract. 

Print out your bills and take note of your payment history and the amount you pay annually; you’ll have to refer to these numbers to make your case. 

Negotiations are significantly more difficult when you’re in the middle of the contract because you’ll most probably be charged with a cancelation fee. 

Go through your account history in detail. Did you take advantage of any promotions that were offered? How often did you experience price hikes in your duration with the ISP? Think about any issues you’ve had with their services. 

3.   Research Your Options

To further strengthen your position, it’s important to be aware of your options. Don’t shoot in the dark, do your research and find out what other internet service providers in your area are offering. 

Know that there are parts of the country that only have one service provider; if you happen to be in such a situation, be ready to put up a good fight because the ISP has the upper hand. 

It does require a few difficult and long phone calls, but if you’re prepared, you should be able to negotiate a better deal!

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