How to Save Data When Gaming Online

How to Save Data When Gaming Online

The internet costs of playing video games online can be quite high. Let’s explore how you can save data when gaming online.

People in the United States love video games. Some 150 million people here play video games and around 64 percent of homes have at least one person who plays video games.

Video games were once played offline with a PC or a dedicated console but the widespread availability of the internet has led to the rise of multiplayer gaming. With multiplayer games, you can play video games with millions of players online. It’s really fun but can quickly spike up your internet bills.

How Much Does it Cost?

Data usage in online gaming varies from game to game, but on average it consumes around 100 MB per hour. This may sound like a meager amount but sum it up for the month and you’ll get a huge internet bill. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know. Let’s see how you can save data, and consequently your internet bill when gaming online.

Disable Automatic Updates

Video games these days get a lot of automatic updates in the form of graphical and technical patches. These patches improve graphical fidelity of the game and other aspects such as gameplay mechanics and load times.

The size of these patches can be enormous; sometimes crossing 10 GB. Turn off the automatic updates to avoid downloading unwanted updates. Download files only for those games that you wish to continue playing.

Be Careful With Multiplayer

While playing multiplayer, your system is continuously exchanging data with the server with which all other players are connected. This exchange of data consumes a lot of MBs and given how enjoyable multiplayer is, you may easily lose track of the hours that you play.

Browser-based games like Candy Crush Saga Online require a lot more data usage as they’re continuously downloading and uploading data (as the whole game is never in your system’s hard drive). So, beware while playing multiplayer games and keep track of time.

Location-Based Games

Location-based games (like PokemonGO) require you to move about. Since Wi-Fi isn’t available everywhere, these games use your cellular data to download files for each new location. This can eat up your data pretty quickly. TO avoid this, make sure that you turn-off background updates and download updates only when you need them.

Keep Gaming!

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