What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider When Working From Home

What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider When Working From Home

Konecteaze helps you determine the factors one must consider when selecting an internet service provider to work from home.

What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider When Working From Home

With Coronavirus changing the way we work and live, more and more employers have been allowing their employees to work remotely as it leads to 
improved efficiency among the workforce and prevents the spread of this crazy virus. Moreover, it enables them to attract top talent, reduce their operating costs, and offer better wages to their employees.

Working remotely also allows employees to cut down their traveling time and to work in the comfort of their home, enabling them to balance their personal and work life more effectively. Also, travel right now is a scary prospect so the more we can practice social distancing and still be productive and make money, the better.  

If you have the flexibility to work remotely, or given the current circumstances have just been granted the ability to work from home, it’s important that you have a solid internet connection to stay connected with your office and clients, and deliver your work in a timely manner.  Aside from having a solid internet connection, you also want to make sure that you have the speed and meet the requirements of your companies network.


A disruptive or unreliable internet connection can hamper your productivity and cause difficulties while performing collaborative work.

Furthermore, if you’re working in a real-time environment, it’s critical that you always remain connected to your workplace’s servers to ensure that your progress is getting saved in the database. There is nothing worse than working on something for any period of time only to find out your were disconnected and your work was lost.  Moreover, you must make sure that you choose from the best internet packages to avoid packet loss. You can use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to maintain a zero percent packet loss and maintain a better latency rate.  This of course is assuming your router is accessible with a cord and not buried deep in your closet like mine, which would make running a cable to my office nearly impossible.  Google mesh or a good wifi extender can be an easy fix if you need optimal speed but logistically can’t make a wired connection possible.  


The faster your internet connection, the better your productivity and performance. When working from home, you are likely to work with files that are large in size, quantity, or both. Thus, you’ll require a fast internet connection and transfer speeds to download the files and upload your finished project.  In today’s world most internet providers like AT&T internet , Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, CenturyLink  and various others entry packages usually have enough speed to handle most people’s download and upload needs.  

Furthermore, if you’re required to communicate with your team or clients via video calls, you’ll need a good connection quality to maintain effective correspondence. If you experience distortion in audio or poor video quality, you may consider choosing better packages from top internet service providers in your area.  AT&T for instance offers gigabit speed so you can get crystal clear video and sound while still accomplishing your other task online.  

Network Capacity

Working from home certainly has it’s challenges especially if you and your children are not able to attend work or school due to precautions being taken for prevention of the coronavirus spread.  That being said, you want to make sure that your internet service can handle several users at the same time.  For instance, as I am typing this article, my oldest son is streaming SpongeBob while my wife in on a video conference in another room.  We have a 300mbps package from Spectrum that allows us all to do what we have to do online without any one of our activities interruption connectivity of the other.  In order to make sure you have enough network capacity for your tasks, make sure you have a good wifi router ( I use Net Gears Nighthawk) and enough bandwidth to make everyone happy. 


Ideally, you want a reliable internet connection without breaking the bank. Remember, the faster the internet connection, the costlier your internet package will be. Therefore, it’s important that you identify your internet needs to ensure that you choose an internet plan that fits your requirements.  Recent studies have shown that the average cost for an internet and television bundle is over $200.  With employers asking their employees to work from home, you should look into if your workplace is willing to supplement some of the cost.

Remember as stated above, if you’re dealing with bulky files such as high-resolution photos, videos, and other heavy files, you’ll need a sufficient amount of bandwidth to download them all. Additionally, if you have to video chat with your clients, you need a fast and stable internet connection to converse without it hindering your communication.

Thus, you should search for the best internet deals available in the market that offers value for money internet solution to meet your internet needs. 

Final Words

These are  some of the key aspects you must consider when beginning your telecommuting journey.

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