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5 Possible Explanations for Why Your Internet is Running Slowly

5 Possible Explanations for Why Your Internet is Running Slowly

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There's nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection. Such inconveniences really make you appreciate the importances of technology -- but, of course, most people aren't feeling particularly introspective in the moment their online banking accounts, weather reports, and adorable cat videos wont load or buffer! Fortunately, it is usually possible to improve your internet speed with a bit of effort as patience. So as long as you've already tried the famous (and surprisingly effective) trick everything off and then on again, you should probably begin investigating the following five potential causes of slow internet. 1.An Outdated or Otherwise Compromised Device is Preventing A Fast Connection. Could your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone be the cause of your slow connection? The best way to test this possibility is by trying a different device to see if your connection speed varies. If it does, then there are many possible reasons why your current device isn't receiving a strong signal. It could be that the device itself is simply old and worn out, but there are many other alternative (and more easily fixable) solutions. For example, your device could have outdated software installed, it could be afflicted with viruses, or you could simply have too many programs and operations running at the same time, triggering a cpu overload. 2.The Particular Website You Are Trying to Use is Experiencing Problems. Just as individual users sometimes experience technical problems that can affect their connection, so do websites. Perhaps the website you are using has received an unexpected influx of users, for example -- or perhaps there has simply been an error in configuration. At any rate, this is one of the most easily-tested possibilities: just try visiting a couple other websites! 3.Your Modem is Broken, Outdated, Badly Configured, Or Simply Too Far Away. Modem problems can also limit your internet experience -- taking a close look at your modem (and/or simply moving to the same room) may solve your connectivity problems. 4.Too Many Users Are Accessing Your Wifi Connection Right Now. Maybe all the kids are home for the weekend and this is compromising the quality of your connection. Or maybe you haven't configured a password, and the neighbors are streaming football from your connection! Either way, too many users is almost always bad news for an internet connection. 5.Your Internet Provider Is At Fault. If none of the proceeding possibilities proved to hold a solution to your internet problems, then it is time to consider the possibility that your internet service provider is responsible for the problems. Reaching out and communicating with them could help provoke an adequate response -- and if not, then you may consider finding a new internet provider with better internet speeds. (This is also a chance to get better rates and other perks, as you may already know!) To learn more about the possibility of getting better internet at a better rate, we encourage you to visit Bundle Your Internet online today!

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