Top 3 Reasons to Bundle Internet, Beyond the Savings

Top 3 Reasons to Bundle Internet, Beyond the Savings

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Most people who are considering to bundle internet service and television are interested in the potential for cost savings. While saving money is definitely an advantage of television and internet bundles, it is not the only benefit.

Here are the top 3 reasons to bundle internet, beyond saving money.


1. Convenient, Consistent Billing

When you bundle your internet, television, and phone, you only need to worry about one bill for all three services. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, keeping track of multiple monthly due dates and payment schedules can be a hassle. Bundling services allow you to simplify your monthly bills by combining them. Additionally, if you do ever have any questions or concerns, there is only one provider for you to contact.

2. Ability to Customize

Bundling gives you the opportunity to select only the services that you want. Generally speaking, you can bundle television, internet service, landline phone service, and cellular phone service. Due to the convenience of cell phones, many households no longer see the need for a landline phone. Thanks to the ability to customize, you can create a bundle that includes only the services you need. A lot of service providers let you customize the specifics of your bundles as well. For example, if you watch most of your favorite shows on streaming services, you may want to get the highest internet speed available but only the basic television package. On the other hand, someone who watches their favorite shows live but only goes online to check email and social media may opt for a television package with more channels and a slower internet speed. When you bundle your services you’re able to customize your bundle to your needs.

3. Extra Services and Perks

Companies appreciate customers who bundle. But they also know that these same customers often have the option to bundle elsewhere. As a result, many service providers offers bonus perks or extra services for their bundling customers at no additional cost. For example, bundling your home phone with internet and television may earn you free long-distance service or access to services such as on-screen TV Caller ID. While these perks and bonuses vary across providers, one thing that’s certain is that companies want to make sure their bundling customers feel valued. Ready to simplify your bills, customize your service plan, earn bonuses and perks, and save money? Then it’s time to bundle your internet, television, and phone services.  

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