7 Creative Methods of Paying Less for Your Internet

Are you completely satisfied with your current internet service? Regardless of your answer,the fact remains that you are very likely paying too much for your internet service.

Are you completely satisfied with your current internet service? Or do your connection and download speeds sometimes make you want to throw your router out the window? Regardless of your answer, the fact remains that you are very likely paying too much for your internet service. So read on to learn about nine creative and effective ways of saving your hard-earned cash while still getting the online connection you need to work and play.

1.Negotiate With Your Internet Service Provider.

Perhaps the easiest way of getting a lower rate on the same internet connection? Simply asking. Of course, you will have more leverage in these negotiations if there are viable competitors in your area -- and things will go even better if you come prepared and educated on the prices and deals offered by said competitor.

Many internet providers will match the prices of their competitors rather than lose existing customers. 2.Seek and Apply for Subsidies. Families with low income and/or who live in public housing may qualify for a subsidy on their internet bill, allowing them to stay connected. Private and government subsidies allowing not-for-profit businesses to stay connected on the cheap also exist in certain areas. Do your homework, and you might just walk away with a better deal.

3.Purchase Your Own Router.

Unless you own your own router, a portion of your monthly bill is actually a rental fee for a router that belongs to your internet company. Spoiler alert: as with nearly all items both big and small, owning is cheaper than renting in the long term.

4.Consider Cutting the Cord on Cable.

A growing number of people are considering cutting out cable costs all together based on the assumption that internet now offers them most of the same viewing options. For some people, this may be true -- however, we encourage you to check out this recent Bundle Your Internet article on getting rid of cable for more information.

5.Or, Better Yet, Bundle And Save.

In many cases, you can pay less for both your cable services and your internet services (not to mention your telephone bill) if you bundle these service together with the same company.

6.Take Advantage of Signing Bonuses.

Many internet companies attempt to entice new customers by offering signing bonuses and/or free service for the first few months. So if you are considering switching your internet service provider, be sure to research current deals in order to take full advantage of every option available to you.

7.Find a Lower Price from a Competitor.

Switching internet service providers is usually about more than just signing bonuses and cool discounts on your first months of service, however. In many cases, switching to a different internet provider can result in a substantially lower bill -- sometimes for faster internet or better customer service, as well! If you are interested in finding a better deal from an internet service provider in your area,

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