AT&T and DirecTV Customers at Risk of Losing Access to Local Channels

AT&T and DirecTV Customers at Risk of Losing Access to Local Channels

"Discover the impact of the potential Tegna blackout on AT&T and DirecTV customers. Explore what's happening, why it matters, and alternatives for accessing local channels. Stay informed about the future of your local TV experience.

AT&T and DirecTV Customers at Risk of Losing Access to Local Channels

Facing uncertainties with AT&T and DirecTV losing local channels? Discover how the looming Tegna blackout could reshape your viewing experience and explore potential alternatives.

What is Happening?

Tegna, an influential owner of local TV stations in the U.S, may cease their broadcasts on AT&T and DirecTV platforms. This comes after failed negotiations to renew the licensing agreement between the network and these service providers.

A potential Tegna blackout could remove 68 local channels from DirectTV, significantly affecting access to local news, sports, and weather broadcasts.

Should this occur, over 68 local channels will vanish from the DirectTV offering. The move leaves customers grappling with potential loss of access to local news, sports, and weather information, disrupting their viewing routines.

Tegna Announces Possible Channel Pullout

Tegna, one of the largest local TV station owners, recently disclosed the potential removal of their channels from DirecTV. This announcement arose due to ongoing disputes about negotiation terms and pricing, which could result in the loss of 68 local channels for DirecTV subscribers.

Impact on AT&T and DirecTV Customers

If Tegna proceeds with this channel pullout, DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse users will stand to lose access to 68 local channels. This not only includes news, but also weather, sports, and other network programs.

Why is This Happening?

Tegna's decision to potentially sever ties with DirecTV stems from failed negotiations to reach a fair, market-based agreement for their local channels. DirecTV's reluctance to comply with Tegna's terms has initiated this threatened blackout.

Negotiation Strategies and Pricing Disputes

The key sticking points in the Tegna and DirecTV negotiations predominantly revolve around the pricing terms. Tegna demands fair, market-based agreement terms, which DirecTV has, thus far, refused to accept.

Previous Blackout Issues with DirecTV

DirecTV's history with broadcast blackouts shows a rather concerning pattern. Last instance saw a drawn-out negotiation with a local TV station owner which eventually ended up in a price hike for customers.

How Does This Affect AT&T and DirecTV Customers?

AT&T and DirecTV customers stand a chance of losing access to local news, weather, sports, and network programs, a direct consequence of Tegna potentially pulling their channels. This stalemate significantly affects the value and scope of their entertainment.

Potential Loss of Local News, Weather, Sports, and Network Programs

Pending negotiations could result in DirecTV customers losing access to 68 local channels, making it pressing to understand the amount of content at stake.

Understanding the Importance of Local Channels

Local channels are not just about news; they serve a more significant purpose in society. They provide contextually relevant and timely weather updates, critical emergency alerts, local sports and entertainment programming, and community events.

Options for Accessing Local Channels

As DirecTV customers face the potential Tegna blackout, it's crucial to explore alternative ways to access local channels. To continue enjoying local news, weather, sports, and network programs, consider alternative options available beyond DirecTV.

  1. Over-the-Air Antennas: Opt for an over-the-air antenna, a one-time purchase that allows for free access to local channels.
  2. Streaming Services: Check streaming services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, or Sling TV which offer access to local channels.
  3. Local Station Apps: Some TV stations have their own apps where they stream local programming.
  4. Comparison Sites: Use sites like to find alternative providers offering better deals and terms.

What Can AT&T and DirecTV Customers Do?

AT&T and DirecTV customers have several options to consider in case of a Tegna blackout. They could explore alternative internet providers or leverage comparison sites