A Quick Overview of WOW Internet and Cable in 2020

A Quick Overview of WOW Internet and Cable in 2020

WOW internet is a reliable, fast, and fair priced internet service. This is an overview of WOW Internet service and WOW internet deals in 2020, which will help customers answer the question, Is WOW internet the best internet provider in my area.

A Quick Overview of WOW Internet and Cable in 2020

Here at Konecteaze, we often get the questions “which cable providers are offered in my area besides (insert major cable company name here)?  The answer to that question surprises out customers sometimes and WOW! Is definitely one of those pleasant surprises and a great alternative to the bigger names we all know like AT&T and Xfinity.  Wow is actually the 6th largest cable provider in the United States providing over 7 million customers with service.  Wow Internet and Cable provides internet, cable TV and telephone services to residential, business, and wholesale customers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, and the Southeast. The company offers an extensive array of solo deals and bundles, with fast and reliable connection being at the center of them all. 

Let’s take a quick look at the internet plans, solutions and quality of customer service provided by WOW Internet and Cable for March 2020 and help you answer the question, "Is WOW internet the best internet provider in my area?".

WOW Internet Service

Wow provided high speed network via a hybrid fiber coax cable system.  The signal from WOW! is primarily carried by fiber for the majority of the run which provides lightning fast speeds.  The fiberoptic cable is run usually to your neighborhood node where copper cables are used to provide the final connection to your house.  This makes for a fast reliable internet service which customers really enjoy as evidence by their customer ratings.  

WOW Internet Plans

WOW Internet and Cable offers 4 different internet plans to customers. Prices start from $49 per month and go up to $84 per month. Here is the best part about WOW Internet, their speeds vary from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. That means that their lowest priced plan still offer 100mbps of internet.  That is pretty incredible given that many service like AT&T internet, have packages that start at a higher price with just a fraction of the speed.  Here is another huge perk about WOW internet deals, all plans include FREE installation when ordered online, come with a 30-day money back guarantee and don’t enforce any data caps on users.  This all seems a little too good to be true but fortunately for their customers it’s not.   Customers have the option to bundle the internet plans with TV, telephone and Whole-Home WiFi services and solutions. You can learn more about the said plans here

WOW Internet Deals

As of March 19, 2020 WOW is offering an incredible deal. You can get their entry level, 100mbps package for only $34.99 per month plus a $100 visa gift card.  So what is the catch?  This offer is only for new customers who sign up for a two year agreement, enroll in their autopayment program and opt into paperless billing.  If you opt not to use their autopay feature it will raise the cost of WOW Cable’s internet packages by $5.  If you were wondering if you had to sacrifice any of the other cool offering WOW has by taking this offer, you don’t.  You will still get free standard installation and the same great service their customers have come to expect.  If you are a speed demon and need more than 100mbps, their next package up is only $10 more has double the speed (200mbps) and double the gift card ($200) for new internet subscribers to WOW Internet service. 

Mesh Wi-Fi Network

Home Mesh Networking, powered by the eero WiFi system, brings reliable high-speed internet to every corner of your house. It makes sure there are no dead spots, by covering every corner of the house with a high-speed internet signal. This means no longer do you have to walk from your kitchen to your room where the router is located, to finish loading that website or watching that video you were watching.  With WOW’s mesh Wi-Fi network, you literally have the same signal in the far reaches of your home as if your sitting on top of your router.  

Every room of every floor is covered, along with the outside areas of your house. The eero device comes in a plain white color and the design is simplistically beautiful, such that it will blend in with almost any interior. Many internet providers offer service but WOW makes sure not only are you online but that your experience is the same no matter where you are in your home.  

The downloadable eero application makes managing your internet very easy. With the app, you can create a separate network for guests, pause the internet at any time, and know what’s happening on your network.  It’s like your internet service has a remote control.

Wow! Business

High-speed reliable internet at home might be a luxury, but it’s a necessity at the workplace. Especially for businesses that have online-oriented business models like digital marketing and corresponding with foreign clients, fast internet connection is an absolute must. 

One day of bad internet and you might lose clients worth millions. Wow Internet and Cable specializes in reliable high-speed internet that ensures smooth operation of your business.

Few words on the Customer Service

Wow Internet and Cable offers industry-leading customer service. Bad customer service is the most common issue people face with ISPs, just ask anyone who has had Xfinity internet or cable, but with Wow, it’s different. They provide helpful, reliable, and efficient customer service anytime you need it.

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