Recommended Internet Plans

1 movie (2GB) would take 5 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 1 Min
1 album (60MB) would take 8 Secs
Cable connection. No commitment. 60 Mbps download. 5 Mbps upload. 125+ channels
1 movie (2GB) would take 11 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 2 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 20 Secs
Download Speed: 25 Mbps. Upload Speed: 3 Mbps. $70/mo (with 2-year commitment). $100/mo after first 3 months.
1 movie (2GB) would take 3 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 25 Secs
1 album (60MB) would take 5 Secs
100/100 Mbps Internet - $ 39.99 /mo. w/ Auto Pay + taxes, equip. charges & other fees. Download: 100 Mbps. Upload; 100 Mbps. Video chat, stream movies and upload and share on multiple tablets and gaming consoles all at once..
1 movie (2GB) would take 6 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 1 Min
1 album (60MB) would take 10 Secs
Download Speed: 50 Mbps. Upload Speed: .76 Mbps. $60 special promotional price for 12 months.
1 movie (2GB) would take 11 Mins
50 photos (300MB) would take 2 Mins
1 album (60MB) would take 20 Secs
Download Speed: 25 Mbps. Upload Speed: 3 Mbps. No Hard Data Limit.
How much internet speed
do I need?
+5 Mbps
Regular browsing
Music streaming
Ideal for 1 person
+10 Mbps
video streaming
Casual gaming
Ideal for 1-2 people
+20 Mbps
Ultra HD streaming
Frequent gaming
Ideal for 2-4 people
+40 Mbps
Simultaneous HD streaming
Simultaneous gaming
Ideal for 4+ people
Internet Provider Coverage Map
Technology Type

Internet is provider by phone cables and speeds are up to 10 times faster than traditional dial-up service.


Cable internet providers have faster speeds than DSL plans, and provide internet through cable lines that are used for TV.


Widely available but offers slower internet speeds due to far-traveling signal.


Fiber providers offer faster speeds than DSL & Cable, but isn’t as widely available as those respective provider types.

Types of Internet Providers
100% Coverage
92% Coverage
6% Coverage
Internet Provider Availability
3 Mpbs
10 Mpbs
25 Mpbs

Summary of Baltimore, MD. Internet Provider

Internet users in Baltimore get an average download speed of 44.39 Mbps; this is slower than the weighted average of Maryland but a bit higher than the national average. There are 26 internet providers operating in the city but only 7 offer their services to residential users.

Verizon is the leading DSL ISP in Baltimore.  EarthLink and Xfinity from Comcast also cover a major part of the city with their fiber and cable internet respectively. If you are looking for reliable satellite internet options in Baltimore, then Viasat and Hughes Net could be your pick.  


Verizon offers its DSL internet services to more than 95% of Baltimore. Its plans range from $34.99-54.99/month with the fastest speed of 15 Mbps.

Xfinity from Comcast

Xfinity’s cable internet services are also available in a large part of the city. Its packages start from $34.99/month and go up to $79.99/month.


EarthLink is providing internet service to some zip codes of Baltimore with its fiber network. The good thing about EarthLink’s internet plans is that they don’t have any data caps. Packages start from $49.95/month and go up to $69.95/month.

At KonectEaze, you can search and compare all the ISPs that are operating in your area. For Baltimore, search through its dozens of zip codes to get the list of all the residential ISPs in the respective area alongside their package details and user ratings.

Baltimore Zip Codes

21201 21202 21203 21205 21206 21209 21210 21211 21212 21213 21214 21215 21216 21217 21218 21223 21224 21229 21230 21231 21233 21235 21239 21241 21250 21251 21263 21264 21270 21273 21275 21278 21279 21280 21281 21287 21288 21289 21290 21297 21298



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Provider Type Download Speeds up to User Rating
Hughes Net Satellite 25 Mbps 3/5
Spectrum Cable 50 Mbps 3/5
Verizon Fiber 6 Mbps 2/5
Viasat Satellite 100 Mbps 3/5
Windstream Provider 10 Mbps 3/5
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