6 Factors to Picking the Right Headphones

6 Factors to Picking the Right Headphones

Listening to music, audiobooks, or podcast, you’re probably going to need a pair of headphones. Consider these six factors as you search for your next set.

Working in the office, going for a run, or tuning into a podcast, you’re probably going to need a pair of headphones. Without them, listening to your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast will be impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, but more problematic. Thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of information out there on headphones. It can be overwhelming, however, when it comes to the number of guides out there on how to pick a set and which ones are the best. Consider this, underneath all the opinions, advertisements, and ratings, the choice is yours. If you pick headphones that aren’t at the top of the bestseller list, that’s fine. You’re the one who’s going to use them, so why not go with something you want? That said, not every set of headphones will work for you. Take these six factors into consideration as you search for your next set.


Headphones used to mean speakers that were attached to a headband and placed over your ears. As technology has advanced, the term is more of a general umbrella. There’s earbuds, on-ear, over-the-ear. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks.


These are headphones in the truest sense of the word, they cover the ear completely. How well they cover your ears will most likely determine their comfortability. These will usually deliver the best sound quality, but that can also depend on the price. The cheaper the headphones, the poorer the sound quality. The material around the headphone will also affect how they feel on your ears. It may be nice at first until you consider how long you plan on wearing them. I find that over-the-ear headphones can become uncomfortable if I wear them for too long. That may also have something to do with my big ears. The downside to this type of headphone is they’re big. Over-the-ear headphones take up a lot of space. A few brands come with cases to carry them, or hinges to make them more portable. When this happens, however, sound and durability get compromised. If you’re working in the music business, then buying this style of headphones is a foregone conclusion, and you’ll likely have them on all day to listen to music.


These headphones don’t cover the entire ear, hence the name. These can have the over-the-head band or around the back of the neck. What matters is the coverage of the ear itself. On-ear headphones are a middle-of-the-road choice. They’re smaller than over-the-ear, making them more portable, at the cost of sound quality. This doesn’t mean all headphones in this category are worthless. Check out sites with bestseller lists and ratings to get an idea of which on-ear headphones rise to the top of the pack.


In-ear, or earbuds as they’re called, fit right in the ear. Most of them will fit snugly, making this style the top choice for athletics. Headbands tend to slide off or squeeze the head too much, resulting in a headache. Sound quality for this style is usually pretty good. On the flipside of that, it’s easy to drown out outside noise to the point you can’t hear anything. That’s a problem if you’re out running on the street. So be safe and make sure your music isn’t too loud. When it comes to portability, the earbuds are the best. With a cord-minder, you can easily stash them in a pocket to be pulled out later. Great for trips too.

What Do You Want Most?

To keep pace with the evolving nature of entertainment, headphones have changed too. With that change, there’s come some variables to take into account; sound quality, portability, and price. You can’t have all three. So which one is most important to you?

Sound Quality

There’s sound quality and then there’s sound quality. Those who want the best sound quality will go with the latter. When it comes to finding headphones that deliver top sound quality, you’re likely to go with over-the-ear headphones, and expensive ones too. There’s a litany of things you need to know in order to understand what makes good sound quality. Once you’ve mastered that, you also need to know how to set up your sound system to deliver the best sound quality your headphones can deliver.


At their inception, headphones were meant to be carried around with you. But that’s what they’ve evolved into. Over-the-ear headphones are bulkier, bigger, and can easily get in the way when you’re not wanting to use them. This makes them an easy target when it comes to ruling out a style. On-ear and earbuds tend to be a better choice. And earbuds being the best option. Earbuds are also great for athletics. They don’t bounce around and keep the extra weight down.


It all boils down to money, doesn’t it? A set of headphones may be perfect for you, only for you to rule them out because they’re too expensive. Another frustrating facet when it comes to price is that while the headphones may deliver on sound, they may also break easily. Just a few things to keep in mind.

Hearing Everything

Whether you’re looking for your next pair or trying to stream Drake, make sure you’re not paying too much for your internet. Look for the best Spectrum internet bundles so you can save money there first that can then go to a better pair of headphones. Even if it’s a difficult choice, taking the time to evaluate your options will pay off in the long run. Because once you’ve decided on a pair that’s right for you, you can sit back, turn on the music, and drift away.