Spectrum Demystified: Overview of Spectrum Internet, TV, & Phone Packages

Spectrum Demystified: Overview of Spectrum Internet, TV, & Phone Packages

Looking to try out Spectrum for your home internet, TV, and phone needs? Check out our handy guide that answers all your biggest questions.

Spectrum. We all know it, even if we have never had it. With over twenty-four million customers (and counting), it is one of the biggest companies in the game. Picking the right service package can be homework. It requires research.

But don’t sweat it. We have you covered. This handy guide breaks it all down for you and makes it easy. This is everything you need to know for finding the right Spectrum package. Let’s roll.

Are People Happy With Spectrum?

Pop quiz. What is one of the first things you should always do before buying something? If you answered read the reviews, then you are right on the money. So, what is the word on Spectrum?

Customers are saying that they like the competitive prices and the fast download speeds. They also like that there are no contracts and no data caps.

Finding out what people are saying about a company can be a useful way to evaluate your options, albeit with limitations. Just because someone goes online to vent about a service or product does not mean that the product or service is outright trash.

However, a thoughtful and well-written review can be helpful and informative. There are lots of good review sites out there for you to get a good sense of things.

Can I Downgrade My Spectrum Package?

Sure. Of course, you can. Remember, no contracts. Now, if you have an unlimited plan, and you use less than 3 GB of data per billing cycle, you can downgrade quite easily to pay By the Gig plan, and bada bing bada boom, it will start on your next bill cycle. And if you need to cancel or remove service, simply contact customer service and that’s a wrap. 

Can You Cancel Spectrum Anytime?

Again, no contracts, so, yes. It is simple to cancel. But with this one, you do have to call customer service or else go in person.

It can be annoying that there are no online cancellation options, but what can you do? Spectrum wants to try to save you as a customer. And who knows? Maybe there is a better solution than to hit the road.   

Is There a Fee to Cancel Spectrum?

No. But there can be some consequences to canceling your service that you should be aware of before you do it.

For starters, if you are a mobile customer and you disconnect your other Spectrum services, you no longer qualify for the $20 per-line bundle discount that you get through the Spectrum Mobile Service.

And, if you disconnect your other Spectrum services, your Wi-Fi speeds slow down, and you cannot add new lines of service or upgrade your device. Just something to be aware of.

Does Spectrum Offer a Trial Period?

Not sure if you want to buy yet? No worries. Spectrum offers a 30-minute per month free trial of the Out-of-Home Wi-Fi to give non-customers the chance to experience it before deciding.

Simply select the Spectrum Wi-Fi network on your device, and your browser will automatically open to the connection page. Once you are on that page, select the Other Ways to Connect option.

From there, go to Get a Free Trial off Spectrum Internet, and you are on your way to getting connected. The trial begins and the timer starts when you first access the service.

If you do not use all 30 minutes in one go, you can reconnect later (it must be on the same device) and finish using the remaining time. That time is yours to explore the service. Use it wisely.

Where is Spectrum Internet Located?

The good thing about the big Internet cable companies is that their size necessitates widespread coverage. The 2016 merger between Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks solidified its status as one of the corporate biggies. Spectrum (sometimes still referred to as “TWC” or “Bright House”) is now available in most urban and suburban areas across the United States. If you live in a major metropolitan area, either on the East coast or the West or anywhere in between, chances are Spectrum services your area.

Spectrum TV

TV has evolved significantly in the past few years. More and more cable customers are choosing to cut the cord and stream instead. Still, live TV has not gone away.

Customers can get both in one place with Spectrum service. It combines live TV, On Demand and recorded DVR content in one convenient place. Additionally, they offer more HD content than any other competitor service.

What is the Regular Price for Spectrum TV?

It depends on if you get a bundled package or standalone TV service. If you can bundle, do it. It saves you money.

But if you are just looking to get standalone TV service, then you have three options:

  • Select - This is the most basic option with 125 available channels at $44.99 per month for 12 months.
  • Silver - Silver offers 175 channels at $69.99 per month for 12 months.
  • Gold - Gold comes in on top at 200 channels for $89.99 per month for 12 months.

These options vary by the number of channels that they come with, and consequently, by their price. Compare the channel lineup to see which option is the one for your needs. 

Can I Get Local Channels with Spectrum TV?

You bet. You can watch all the biggest shows on all the popular channels. We are talking SHOWTIME, STARZ, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and HBO Max. Game time is covered, too. No matter the sport, fans can catch the big game live on channels like ESPN, NBA TV, and the NFL and MLB Networks. Not only can you get local channels, but you can go international, as well. Spanish TV, Greek TV, Filipino TV, and other channels make Spectrum a thoroughly comprehensive experience.

Does Spectrum Have Satellite TV?

Nope. Spectrum is a cable TV service. It uses a coaxial cable, not a satellite dish. The cable runs from your wall to the TV or the Spectrum cable box receiver, as well as to your modem. If you are looking for satellite TV, explore providers like DISH to find what you need.

Spectrum Internet

It is kind of crazy how the Internet has become practically a necessity of modern life. We all use it, and we all need it, whether for work or pleasure, our personal lives, or our social ones. Here is what you need to know to navigate the market and find what you need in an Internet service provider, or ISP. 

What is the Regular Price for Spectrum Internet?

Like with the TV packages, you get three Spectrum internet plans. They are named after - you guessed it - their respective download speeds in Mbps. For instance:

  • Spectrum 1000 - 1000 Mbps download speed. It costs $109.99 per month for the first year.
  • Spectrum 400 - 400 Mbps is $69.99 per month for the first year.
  • Spectrum 200 - 200 Mbps is $49.99 for the first year.

Bear in mind that there may be an initial one-time setup or activation fee with any of these options.

Does Spectrum Have Unlimited Internet?

Yes. This is a legitimate concern. Some companies do have data caps to limit how much Internet you can consume. This is important to keep in mind when you are shopping around for a provider. Spectrum features unlimited data and no overage fees, so that is pretty much as good as it gets as far as data caps are concerned. Enough said. 

Can I Use VPN on Spectrum?

Smart question. It means you know the importance and value of using a VPN, or virtual private network, for using the Internet. A Spectrum VPN can help protect your privacy, by blocking trackers, including third parties, from obtaining your information – everything from search history to emails that you send.

A Spectrum VPN can improve your Internet speeds by bypassing throttling. That is where an ISP can deliberately restrict your bandwidth based on your network traffic. But a VPN blocks the deep packet inspection (DPI) from distinguishing you from anyone else online, Spectrum customer or not. It is like being invisible.

Is Spectrum Good for Gaming and Streaming?

Certainly. Think about it. Gaming and streaming are two of the most popular online activities. If an ISP does not offer services that can support modern gaming and streaming needs, then they just aren’t worth considering. The things you want to look at are:

  • Download speeds
  • Reliability
  • Lag times

Spectrum has you covered on each of those fronts. We have already covered that Spectrum download speeds, on the highest end, reach up to 400 Mbps and 1 Gbps, depending on your level. Also, Spectrum is reliable and has ultra-low lag times.

Can You Use a Wi-Fi Extender with Spectrum?

Absolutely. And that can be important. If you have ever walked around your home with your phone in hand and suddenly lose connection, you may have found yourself in a dead zone of your house. These zones can be big or small.

Is it just impossible for you to get a good signal while you are luxuriating in bed, trying to watch TikToks? A Wi-Fi extender increases the range and speed of the wireless Internet in your home by eliminating these dreaded dead zones and strengthening the connection. And you are more than welcome to use such a device with Spectrum.

Spectrum Phone Service

Remember those things called phone calls? Yes, yes. But do not be too smug about it. With VoIP services like Spectrum Voice, it is a useful way to place affordable international calls. Here is the lowdown on their phone service.

Is Spectrum a Landline or Voice-Over-IP (VOIP)?

Spectrum Voice uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). However, unlike many other VoIP services, it features instant tracing to 911 services. Additionally, you get unlimited nationwide calling to anywhere in the U.S. and to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

Rates for international calls vary by plan and can be as low as pennies per minute. Spectrum Voice comes with thirty additional cool features like caller ID that can show on your TV, call forwarding, 3-way calling, robocall blocking, and readable voicemail. Plus, there are no added taxes or fees.

What is the Regular Price for Spectrum Phone Service?

The thing about Spectrum Voice is that you cannot get it as a standalone service. You must bundle it with either Internet or TV service. It only costs $14.99 per month, and the bundled rate is among the most reasonable in the market with the least expensive package being Spectrum Internet + Voice, which costs $64.98 per month for the first year. Not bad.

Parting Words

There you have it. A quick rundown of everything you need to know about Spectrum’s menu of service options. This giant is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it is good to know what they offer their customers. 

Okay. It is time for your final exam. Ready? What is one of the first things that you should always do before picking a provider? Here is a hint. You just did it. You got it – research!

Read and learn your options. Find the service package or bundle that meets your needs. Because in the end, time is too short to be stuck with bad service. Check out the provider’s service page for more details on how Spectrum services can work for you.