4 Ways to Keep Rising Prices from Burning Up Your Wallet

4 Ways to Keep Rising Prices from Burning Up Your Wallet

Since a few streaming services have decided to raise their rates, this also creates optimal fire conditions in your wallet.

With summer in full swing, temperatures rise. It’s not uncommon to see forest fires in more rural parts of the country. As the heat and the dry winds cause perfect conditions for fires to start. Since a few streaming services have decided to raise their rates, this also creates optimal fire conditions in your wallet.

Temperature Rising

Within the last week Playstation VUE, DirecTV have announced a price increase of at least $5 to their streaming services. It doesn’t help that Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Netflix have also announced price hikes in the last six months.

It’s not all bad

Despite no clear explanation for the price increase, Playstation VUE and DirecTV are still going to deliver the same great shows and live TV they always have…just at a little bit more of a price tag. These streaming services provide cable channels without the actual cables, which is a definite plus for some people. For example, FIFA’s World Cup is garnering lots of attention, even though it's already half-over. Since it’s being held in Russia, which is on the other side of the globe, being able to stream games live is a necessity. Come August we’ll see this happen again when the NFL kicks into high gear with their 2018-2019 season.

Fire Risk

With so many streaming options available, there’s a significant portion of the population with more than one streaming membership. Now, what may be just a $5 increase for one streaming service, is becoming a $10, $15 increase per month. Some people are faced with the choice of deciding whether that price tag is worth premium access, even if it is for the World Cup and the NFL.

Rising Prices

Prices go up, that’s one thing we can all rely on with certainty. Therefore, there are those who will simply pay the increase and find ways to cut costs somewhere else in their budgets. Then there will be those who decide it’s not worth the extra five, ten, fifteen dollars a month to have multiple streaming services. Yet, the decision will be difficult as to which streaming service to cut and why. Take heart, as there are other options.

Reduce Your Internet Bill

To keep your streaming services, you can find ways to reduce your internet bill, thus absorbing the cost of the price increase that way. Before you dial the customer service line, realize that this isn’t a life and death negotiation. It’s just business. The customer service rep on the other end of the line won’t take it personally that you’re trying to reduce your bill. They will still get paid at the end of the day. Come into it as though you’re simply talking dollars and sense. Knowing this you can confidently dial the customer service line for your ISP. Start by giving them your cancellation date. This lets them know you’re serious. Once you have their attention, request a lower rate, possibly the introductory rate. If they can’t give you the introductory rate, don’t settle for “the next best thing.” Set a price and stick to it. If they won’t play ball with you, then hang up. It’s as simple as that. If they still want your business, then you’ll be getting a call back from a retention specialist. It’s this person’s job to keep you as a customer for the company. When they’re calling you, you’re the one calling the shots. From there you can set the tone of the conversation and demand a lower rate. If they’re still not going to budge on their price, let them know you’ve already set your cancellation date. If the retention specialist is wise, this person will at least entertain the idea of a lower rate. When this happens, you can even offer to buy the modem and router your ISP provided to bargain for a lower price. This way you’re no longer paying the monthly rental fee!

Skimpy Bundles

If negotiation isn’t your thing, then you can cancel your streaming services and go with a Skimpy Bundle. The trade-off with a skimpy bundle service is a sacrifice of access to unlimited content in exchange for a select number of channels for a cheaper price. You’ll still get a good picture and ad-free content but on a smaller scale.

AT&Ts Watch TV

AT&T’s cheapest live TV streaming service, Watch TV comes in at $15 a month. With this, you can stream 31 channels to your smartphone, tablet, or set-top box, but only one at a time.


Backed by cable TV content providers, Philo offers a base package of 37 channels that includes a lot of the big-name channels. You can also stream on multiple devices at the same time. There are other packages that offer more channels, but of course, they’ll cost more. The base package only costs $16 a month. Unfortunately, there are no sports channels offered.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV does have a nice introductory package of 70+ channels that includes a healthy sampling of sports channels! After a seven-day free trial, your first month will be $19.99. The drawback is after that first month, the price goes up to the normal amount of $44.99. This would be a great way to enjoy your sports for a short time then cancel once the season ends.

Extinguish the Fire

With these suggestions in mind, you don’t have to let the streaming services dictate how much you’ll be paying. There are ways around the higher prices. All it takes is a little research, a little time, and you’ll find the right viewing options for you at the right price. This will keep the money in your wallet from burning up this summer!
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