Top 5 Cities in Texas for Rise Broadband

Top 5 Cities in Texas for Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband offers comprehensive plans for homeowners and businesses. If you're in Texas, these 5 cities can sign up for Rise Broadband.

Top 5 Cities in Texas for Rise Broadband

If there was ever a time that proved to you how valuable a secure, constant, and speedy internet service is, that time is now. COVID-19 is straining the limits of some internet service providers. However, if you use Rise Broadband, it's their fixed wireless internet service that gives you a robust and continuous service through a common alternative to cable and DSL providers.

With over 2,674 internet service provides in the U.S., your options can seem almost limitless. But there are very few internet service providers able to deliver reliable and continual wireless service. Rise broadband, with its fixed wireless system, continues to lead the way for companies that are leaders in their respective industries like Google.

Read on to learn about some of Rise Broadband's plans for comprehensive coverage for both homeowners and businesses. If you live in Texas, there are already five cities offering Rise Broadband. There may never be a better time to secure your internet service with one of the best alternatives in the market today.

Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband parent company was JAB Wireless, Inc. that incorporated in 2005. JAB Wireless, Inc. became re-branded under the Rise Broadband name and banner in 2015. Since it's rebranding, it has grown in leaps and bounds due to its most significant benefit to consumers.

Rise Broadband delivers its service wirelessly. Customers receive their internet connection from a beamed broadcast access tower in their area. The beam goes directly to the customer's antenna that's been installed on their rood, and it's distributed within the customer's home through a WIFI router.

The Rise broadband connection is called a fixed wireless Internet service. That's why with the company headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, the company continues to grow and develop with high-speed internet and digital voice services across sixteen states.

The Top Five Cities in Texas for Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband gives customers an alternative over cable and DSL providers like Comcast. Different internet service providers offer different price plans, speeds, and coverage areas. For instance, Frontier Communications' customer population is 33,290,459.

Rise Broadband currently has 25,719,363. Frontier Communications and Rise Broadband are often compared due to the closeness of their customer populations and service provisions. When you look at the comprehensive overview of Rise Broadband's growth in Texas, you're better able to understand that Rise has more penetration in diverse areas with its extensive network for homeowners and businesses. Rise broadband is in over 3,726 Texas zip codes.

#1 San Antonio, Texas

When you need a fixed wireless internet service alternative to cable and DSL in San Antonio, Texas, Rise is where you need to go and check out first. There are approximately 677,376 customers of Rise Broadband in San Antonio. You can choose from different tiers of service speeds, depending on what you need.

The range goes from economy packages to the breakout internet package. In San Antonio, Rise also offers bundles that included Rise security, protection, and support for up to five devices with streaming, IoT, and home network support services.

#2 Dallas, Texas

Dallas offers its population over thirty-two home internet options and fifty-three business internet choices. Every home has the choice to sign up for a fixed-line service. Rise Broadband provides 52.5% of the Dallas population using fixed wireless.

There's a wide range of zip codes near Dallas that also can use Rise broadband which includes but isn't limited to:

  • 75371
  • 75246
  • 75226
  • 75223

The surrounding areas around Dallas fit right in with Rise Broadband's overriding mission, which is to close the digital divide by offering rural and suburban homes and businesses competitive choices in their internet services.

#3 Fort Worth, Texas

If you're not from Texas or live in Texas, it's easy to think that Fort Worth and Dallas are geographically the same areas. In reality, they are quite different in population and territory. Fort Worth offers thirty-three home internet options with over forty-one business service choices.

99.8 of all Fort Worth, Texas homes can get fixed-line service. There's a wide range of zip codes near Fort Worth that also can use Rise broadband which includes but isn't limited to:

  • 76164
  • 76166
  • 76106
  • 76161

Fort Worth does have regular competition in internet service providers like AT&T, Spectrum, Frontier, and more. But often when customers are looking for that which is comparable or can exceed their DSL, Cable or Fiber, they often turn to Rise broadband.

#4 Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, offers its population over twenty-eight home internet options and forty-one business service choices. There's a wide range of zip codes near Plano, Texas that can also use Rise broadband which includes but isn't limited to:

  • 75023
  • 75026
  • 75025
  • 75075

Plano, Texas, is considered in some places to be more rural, but you do get DSL, Cable, Fiber, Wireless, and Satellite Internet provider services. They all range in giving you between 5 to 1000 Mbps.

#5 Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock, Texas, offers its population an excellent selection of home internet options with twenty-three to choose from. They also have twenty-two business internet choices. What's more, is 99.6% of all of the homes in Lubbock can get fixed-line services.

There's a wide range of zip codes near Lubbock that also can use Rise broadband which includes but isn't limited to:

  • 79410
  • 79406
  • 79493
  • 79413

The provider with the most coverage in the Lubbock area is Rise Broadband, which is available to 100% of the city.

Switch Internet Providers

When you're considering switching internet providers, you want to know their coverage areas, internet speed, and overall costs with and without bundling your services. That's why it's essential to understand your next step is your most important one. When you consider the positive Rise Broadband reviews as well as their ability to give you what you want, when you need it at a price you can afford, you create an almost perfect combination.

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