5 Reasons Why You Still Need Cable TV

5 Reasons Why You Still Need Cable TV

The internet has revolutionized virtually every aspect of modern life -- and this is especially true when it comes to entertainment options.

The internet has revolutionized virtually every aspect of modern life -- and this is especially true when it comes to entertainment options. Case and point: the Netflix library contains well over a thousand shows and nearly five thousand movies at all times, and these options are updated and refreshed on a monthly basis. Of course, the aforementioned statistic doesn't even begin to take into account other popular internet alternatives to cable TV such as Hulu and Vimeo, nor does it consider the virtually endless amount of content that is available on YouTube. (In case you were wondering, it would take you roughly 90,000 years to watch all the content currently on YouTube!) The bottom line? The quantity of watchable material online in astounded. However, the quality of your viewing experience online can't always compete with everything cable has to offer -- which is why you may wish to think twice before getting caught up in the trend of cutting the cord on cable. Let's take a quick look at 5 of the most important reasons to consider maintaining an active subscription to cable television.

1. There is no single alternative to cable TV.

In lieu of cable TV, many people who decide to cut the cord decide that they will spend a bit of money on a subscription to a popular internet streaming service instead. The problem, of course, is that the selection on these services is never quite as complete as cable: no single service will work as an adequate replacement. Contracting various streaming services may be a more effective approach, but at this point the costs and hassle add up to a point where there simply isn't much sense in avoiding cable anymore.

2. Streaming live events online can be tricky at best, illegal at worst -- and, in many cases, flat-out impossible.

This point is especially relevant to sports fans, but anyone who enjoys live talk shows, morning news broadcasts, or even special events such as the ball drop at New Year's Eve is in for a bit of disappointment.

3. Saying goodbye to your cable connection? You can bid your DVR setup farewell, too.

Missing live events isn't a big deal when you have cable, as DVR allows you to watch on your own schedule. Internet may seem more flexible than cable, but this is a good example of how cable TV can offer viewers a great deal of freedom!

4. Alternatives to cable make multi-room viewing complicated and expensive.

Netflix and many other popular streaming services charge extra if you want to watch on two devices at the same time: a single cable subscription, on the other hand, can serve the whole household. 5.

Ambient TV watching can actually be quite nice.

If you want to have a show on in the background during a get together, as you are cooking, or while you fall asleep, cable is the superior option to internet streams. 6. Bundling your cable TV costs can generate lots of savings for internet, phone, and other utilities. Learn more by visiting Bundle Your Internet online today!