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Another glorious Thursday.  No better day to find out what is going on in the world of cable, highspeed broadband internet and tv.


February 12, 2020




·      Spectrum to issue refunds:  

o   It looks customers who were affected by that nasty outage for spectrum TV, internet and phone services are in for some money back.  According to spectrum Customers can call the company’s customer service line at (855) 707-7328. Spectrum has not said how much the refund will be, but my guess is, it won’t be much.  Either way it’s worth giving them a call to see how much money you are entitled to.  

You can read more about what caused the outage here SPECTRUM OUTAGE


·      Optimum Cable to raise prices

o   Optimum cable customers are probably a little lighter in the wallet this month after the cable company announced it would raise their cable rates by $20 in July.  While companies like AT&T, Centurylink and Xfinity are trying to figure out how to navigate the cord cutting era, Optimum has decided to buck the trend and charge more for a service many say is outdated.  Cord cutters blog reported today that the rates have already gone into effect so for Optimum customers looking for other options, now may be a good time to hit up Konecteaze’s Zip Code Lookup Tool


·      Alaska to get better internet

o   If you were planning on moving to Alaska and were worried about internet connectivity, it looks like your fears have been addressed.  According to an article by Alaska Public Media new sattelites were lauched last week with the intent of providing high speed internet coverage for all of Alaska.  It looks like this was the first phase of the project who is a Astranis Space Technologies Corporation and Pacific Dataport Incorporated


·      Looks like the FCC Broadband maps are flawed

o   If you were curious and wanted to find out which parts of the country does AT&T offer high speed broadband internet, or if Centurylink is offered in Denver, the logical thing to do would be to head over to the FCC’s Broadband map and take a look at their data.  Well according to an article in Routefifty.com, the FCC map is pretty flawed and States are taking matters into their own hands . States are individually trying to accurately identify how many of its residents actually have access to high speed internet .  High speed internet is considered anything over 25mbps.  That might actually seem slow to some of us but believe it or not, millions of Americans still don’t have access to fast internet and often have to rely on mobile hot spots just to send an email.